What If Gail Wrote A Comic Book Tie-In? (Occasional FAQ)

A number of my friends, Gentle Reader, have written comic books for one of the major (or minor houses).

I’ve been pretty reluctant to do tie-ins. I come out of work for hire and I really don’t like those contracts so it’s pretty unlikely I’d ever sell my copyright like that.

That said, I do like the fantasy of imagining what I might write or do if I were to script a comic book so, I thought I might share that with you.

What’s Gail’s fantasy team?

It should comes as no surprise, I hope, that I’m a team player. And that I’m a Marvel girl at heart. My team is the New Warriors. I collected faithfully through the 90s. Firestar and Speedball were my favorites.

My other team, which should surprise no one, was Excalibur. Again mostly those editions produced in the 90s, and my favorites were Nightcrawler and Shadow Cat.

How Would Gail Twist It?

I think it would be fun to write a historically set Marvel team, and since both of these are under-used currently, how about putting New Warriors in the old west? Or Excalibur in Victorian times?

Since it’s me, more of the characters would be female, although I should say Excalibur was always pretty good on this, but I’d put ladies in charge (of course) and have a ton of queer and diverse characters.

Wouldn’t it be fun, for example, to have Captain Britain be a suffragette? I’ve always thought Kitty should be black, and Megan is obviously an awesome fae trans girl. Nightcrawler is bi. Nightcrawler has always been bi. I’m open to negotiation on Phoenix. So, I suspect, is Phoenix.

Ha, I kill me.

Where was I?

Talking costumes?

Since superhero teams wear what amounts to underwear, anyway, I want them all dressed in the equivalent Victorian/old west bathing suits, undergarments, and sportswear.

This, I think, is hilarious. Can you imagine?

Fear not, madam, for I have rescued your cat!

Heh heh.

Victorian superhero outfits, here you go…

The men of the Soulless manga, cabinet card

So that’s my fantasy but I’d love to know, what’s yours.

What comic book character would you like to see me write?

Yours, as ever,

Miss Gail

P.S. A while ago I was asked if I’d consider writing for the DC YA books line. I turned it down for various reasons (not the least of which is that I’m a Marvel girl).

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4 Responses

  1. Terry said:

    Hmmm… not sure I understand… A novel based on someone else’s existing comic storyline/characters? Is that what you are suggesting? Dunno… I’m not (generally) captured by derivative works.

    Something I appreciate about your books is they seem pretty fresh and original… especially the Finishing School series (if they are derivative, I guess I did not read the originals).

    Are you wanting to revive some old favorites so a new audience may come to appreciate them, too?

    Or, are you wanting to write something new in a superhero motif/genre? I like Marvel Universe movies, but I tend to get bored during the obligatory protracted action/combat scenes. I just try to appreciate the choreography and wait for the story to move on.

    You could surely play around with some stories and see if you enjoy riffing on such.

    BTW… The photo of you in that green and black ensemble above is one of your best looks. What is that smoke near your hand? A burning marshmallow, perhaps?

  2. Alan W. said:

    Excalibur in Victorian times would be amazing. It was always my favourite comic. Perhaps they travel to some countries in Asia and bump into Deadpool or Wolverine? Add some ninjas and or crazy cults, then let shenanigans ensue.

  3. Nekomittchi said:

    I would love to see you write something for ElfQuest. Not superhero, but the elves are *very* fluid in their sexuality, enough to satisfy you. Oh, and there’s wolves. And shapeshifters. Actually, why haven’t you read this yet anyway?

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