If You Like Gail Carriger + This Famous Book Than You Should Try…

Some book recommendations for you today, Gentle Reader!

Hard Science Fiction

If you like Gail’s books and Ancillary Justice

than you might want to try…

Dangerous Times by Isobelle Winters

Why it’s like Ancillary? This book is playing with concepts of gender and neutrality, agency, revolution, and loyalty. Why it’s like my stuff? This a breezy readability and lightness (despite gender neutral terms), plus some romance and a happy ending.

Space Opera

If you like Gail’s books and The Expanse

than you might want to try…

Paradox series by Rachel Bach

How it’s like The Expanse? Sweeping galaxy-wide hunt, high level political conflict, unsurmountable odds. How it’s like my stuff? This is a bit less sweeping epic and a bit more woman versus nature. This is the best example of my style combined with the Corey boys. It’s lighter hearted but still amazing with a fantastic strong female main character.

Bonus queer option:

Lyn Gala’s Affiliations, Aliens, and other Profitable Pursuits. (Not quite space opera, more alien culture contact but still GREAT.)

High Fantasy

If you like Gail’s books and Game of Thrones

than you might want to try…

Daughter of the Empire by Raymond E. Feist and Janny Wurts

How it’s like GoT? All the drama of complex politics and warring families in a perfectly constructed high fantasy (Asian based) setting. How it’s like me? Closer POV from a strong female main character and strong historical component. Plus it’s a three book series that ends and ends happily.

Bonus the queer option:

Most anything by Jacqueline Carey, but you can start with Kushiel’s Dart.

Urban Fantasy

If you like Gail’s books and True Blood

than you might want to try…

Kitty and The Midnight Hour by Carrie Vaughn

The most awesome thing about accidental werewolf Kitty Norville is that she started life as a talk show host, and never lost the skill of talking herself into and out of trouble. I adore the idea of a main character whose solution is always NOT to fight. How it’s like True Blood? Classic urban fantasy with all the tropes in place. How it’s like my stuff? Werewolf centric. Favorite theme of found family appears more-and-more as the series progresses.

Bonus the queer option:

The Beings in Love Series by R. Cooper (please ignore the egregious covers.)

Comedic Fantasy

If you like Gail’s books and Terry Pratchett

than you might want to try…

The Lightning-Struck Heart by T.J. Klune

How it’s like Pratchett? So flipping funny. How it’s like my stuff? Silly and queer and fabulous, great best friends and ridiculous enemies. I just want everyone to read it. There is a lot of talk of sex but nothing particularly graphic. Not by my standards, anyway.

Getting Kinky With It?

If you like Gail’s books and Fifty Shades of Grey

than you might want to try…

For Real by Alexis Hall

Possibly one of the best written portrayals of BDSM, tender with a twist: Jaded older sub and young eager dom. How it’s like 50? It’s fully BDSM, one party is innocent the other is jaded and rich. It’s just not the dynamic you think it is… How it’s like my stuff? Lots of found family and self discovery and charm.

YA Post Apocalyptic

If you like Gail’s books and Hunger Games

than you might want to try…

Court of Fives by Kate Elliott

How it’s like Hunger Games? All the drama of young people fighting for their lives in games of chance. How it’s like my stuff? Strong elements of family loyalty, sisterhood, and a historical setting rather than post apocalyptic (sorry, not my thing, try this please).

YA Fantasy

If you like Gail’s books and Harry Potter

than you might want to try…

Protector of the Small series by Tamora Pierce

If the Finishing School wasn’t enough for you, than Tamora Pierce is here for all your needs. How it’s like Harry Potter? All the struggles of a school for special people. How it’s like my stuff? Powerful female main character, witty banter, self discovery. Several of Pierce’s series (Song of the Lioness and Circle of Magic) are set in a more magical school arena.

YA Urban Fantasy

If you like Gail’s books and Twilight

than you might want to try…

Blood & Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause

How it’s like Twilight? Lone female new to school deals with the supernatural and themes of alienation and loneliness, only she’s the supernatural one. How it’s like my stuff? The main character has some serious agency and power and she knows how to use it.

I really hope you like these suggestions and please, feel free to recommend some of you own. Specifically queer YA suggestions, my reading is weak in that area.

Yours in discovery,

Miss Gail

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  1. Haidee Sell said:

    May I also recommend the Debra Dunbar ‘Imp’ books. Set here, as well as the Heaven and Hell realms, it’s very funny, not sexually graphic, lots of found family and shenanigans. Plus a Hellhound 🙂 There is some gross stuff (our heroine deep fries and devours her own hand, just to freak out some onlookers). This series is 10 books, plus a couple of tie ins, some novellas and a spin off series

  2. Joan Howland said:

    My daughter & I love Tamora Pierce and recommend them to all, but try to read them in order-it does make a difference. I’ll certainly be looking at the other authors you’ve mentioned-thanks muchly 🙂

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