Average Day In the Life of a Full Time Author (Important for Writers)

For you Gentle Reader. I present a day in the life of the Authorbeast…


Up & Make Tea

Check email for emergency situations. Respond as needed.

Post to blog, either Author or Retro Rack.

Share to social media (schedule if needed).


Open Feedly and check the morning news via curated blogs:

Share interesting ones, keep others for bottom of blog posts, send important ones to Evernote of review and processing (once a month task).

Meanwhile, listen to daily news podcasts.


Feed cat & self (still listening to podcasts).


More tea.

Get on stairmaster.

Check up on social media. In order:

  1. Twitter
  2. Facebook
  3. Tumblr
  4. Pinterest
  5. Facebook Pages
  6. Instagram

Switch to listening to book business podcasts, send myself notes on anything to follow up on.



Back to email.

Process everything that happened that morning. Things I emailed to myself and any lingering tasks that are in inbox and can be taken care of. Respond to any correspondences for friends, fans, agent, or editor.

Check in with various professional author forums and mastermind groups.


Bike to office. Treat self to fun podcasts while getting exercise (as a reward).


Arrive office. Process mail.

Book business, any larger task that has been waiting for a concentrated hour of work. Usually social media maintenance, bio update, book description or metadata updates, uploading, blog post writing, or Evernote production checklist item.



Review any spreadsheet related work, pre-order tracking, AMS ad data, that kind of thing. This kind of thing is restful for me, I like data.


Research or any kind of prep related to my current writing project to get me in the mood. Any last emails answered.


Tea. Social Media.


Review previous day’s word count, get back into flow.

Write 2,000 words on whatever rough draft I’m working on.

Type type type type.

Around 6:00pm

Stop and bike home.

Prep for any event, interview, or podcast recording that I have that evening.

Self & Lilliput


Eat dinner.


Collapse on couch with cat on lap.


AB comes home. Smooches!


Reading, any lingering work, video or audio research. Play with cat.


Sudden spate of inspiration to amend blog post or book review. Or… read.


Check one last time on social media, make sure everything is OK.



There it is! Very exciting I’m sure.

Yours in habitual business,

Miss Gail

OUT NOV 4, 2018!

The Omega Objection San Andreas Shifters

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Can a gentle giant with a trampled heart
show a man who’s been running all his life that
sometimes there are monsters worth running towards?


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  • Secret Project Ommm, coming October 2019 to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Soulless.
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