Author Fears in 4 Words (Important for Writers)

I did a silly four word author fear thing recently, thought you might like the see some of the ones I came up with, Gentle Reader.

Gail’s Author Fears in Four Words

  • Two day turn around.
  • Stock art cover design.
  • Not getting copy edit.
  • Document recovery has failed.
  • Typo on first page.
  • Editor is moving houses.
  • Do your own marketing.
  • No Oxford commas allowed.
  • Editor is moving houses.
  • No rights revert clause.
  • Amazon is changing algorithms.
  • Your release pushed back.
  • Your agent is retiring.
  • e-book price is $13.99
  • Typo in viral Tweet.
  • Amazon sent wrong preorder.
  • They decided no reviews.
  • Your deadline moved up.
  • Brutal non compete clause.
  • They want basket accounting.

And fears from others…

  • Writing on spec forever.
  • Pirated on release day.
  • No one at signing .
  • The movie was better.
  • How is your platform?
  • Someone else wrote it.
  • NaNo is next month.
  • No moderator for panels.
  • Not sure it’s marketable.

from Jamie “Pajamazombie” Wyman @Pajamazon

Ran out of tea.
from Joline ScottRoller @JScottroller

Document did not save.
from suzanne lazear @suzannelazear

No payment, good exposure.
from Suna Dasi‏ @Suna_Dasi

Need short story tomorrow.
from Maria E. Schneider‏ @BearMntBooks

Running out of ink.
from Piper J. Drake‏ @PiperJDrake

What genre is this?
from Leanna Renee Hieber‏ @Leannarenee

I’ve forgotten character’s haircolor.
from EddieLouise‏ @EddieLouise

Your book is remaindered.
from Adam Rakunas‏ @rakdaddy

My laptop just died.
from Mike Headley‏ @BowTieWriter

Author photo: tooth spinach.
from Isabel Cooper @ICooperAuthor

Please write a synopsis.
from Asa Maria Bradley‏ @AsaMariaBradley

Please critique my manuscript.
from Aaron Corpsewin @CapnCorwin

Error: document not found.
from Cass Morris‏ @CassRMorris

Accidentally clicked “Replace All”.
from Aaron Corpsewin @CapnCorwin

Awesome. Now rewrite it.
from Jess Scare-a-day‏ @jessfaraday

Keyboards with sticky keys.
from Nick Thames‏ @ThamesWriting

Coincidentally, these are all fine funny authors to follow on Twitter, if you were interested in such things.

Many hugs,


Miss Gail

P.S. If you’re a new author who’d like any of these fears explained please leave a comment at my blog and I’d be happy to explain. Or, there’s google.

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