Gail Reveals Secrets About Cover Art, Book Titles, & The Omega Objection (Video)

In my most recent video, I talk about my latest book, The Omega Objection, plus cover art secrets, coming up with book titles, and more!


  • I make tea in my office.
  • All about covers, traditional versus indie, stock art, finding models and photographers. Which one is my favorite?
  • All about titles, how do I come up with book titles, series titles, and more.
  • How are the narrators chosen for my audiobooks? Which one do I recommend to reluctant listeners?
  • Why do books cost so much in certain parts of the world?
  • What is my Meyers Briggs?
  • My biggest markets outside the USA.
  • Any short stories? Is this a trend? How do I feel about them?
  • My favorite of my characters.
  • What kind of British accent do I like best?
  • Hints about Reticence.
  • The 5th Gender by G. L. Carriger with be the next release in the spring.

Percy & Footnote Fanart by Desiree Schwartz


Models in Dark Garden & Even Butterfield Photographer used for cover art.

My cover art designer, Starla.

Want more on how I think about covers?

Why Designers Love The Ampersand

Order signed editions of any of my books using the signed button on that book’s page on my website.

Tips for getting over writer’s block.

Linked information and sneaks peeks in the Chirrup.

Dress in the video


Eye makeup done using the amazing Vamp Stamp.

Retro Rack: Gail’s Makeup Routine

Turquoise dress from eShakti, necklace from Gail’s grandma.

Want more of me blogging about cover art? Here is this blog post where I get very snippy about it and it’s purpose in life.

Hope you enjoyed the video!

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