Visual Inspiration for Characters! Tank, Isaac, Gladiola (The Omega Objection Special Extras)

In honor of The Omega Objection I’ve release a few more Pinterest boards. If you are interested in what characters look like in my head, Gentle Reader, then check these out.

However, you can picture them in your head any which way you like!

I’m not precious about this, you know that.


Gladdy was in the last book and she’s in this one too, slightly bigger role. But I kind of adore her, so here’s her Pinterest board.


Isaac is a main POV and cover character in The Omega Objection. He has a very complicated and interesting background, which comes to light during the course of the book. He looks like this in my head


Oh Tank, how I adore you. Such a big sweet softie. Tank is the existing member of the San Andreas Pack who is the other POV character for this book. He’s a big old push over, or is he? Here’s what he looks like in my head

“You didn’t want to come out to them?”
“I didn’t.”
“Nice to be bi.”
“Easy to be invisible. Not quite the same thing.”
~ The Omega Objection by G.L. Carriger

Yours etc,

Miss Gail


The Omega Objection San Andreas Shifters

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Direct from Gail

 “The omnivore shifters had learned early on that a werewolf gathering was not to be trusted on the subject of vegetables. Gladdy and her crew always came with vegans in tow. They lived in the East Bay, after all. But it meant lots of bowls of grains, and grasses, and garbanzos and such. Vegetables were messy. Tank didn’t mind, but most werewolves found vegans innately suspicious. It had taken the pack a while to accept that the kitsune came bearing tofu. Tofu was not to be trusted on principal.”
~ The Omega Objection  by G.L. Carriger


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Book News:

Sigheag, spotted by a fan at Ikea.

Quote of the Day:

“Do you want the dragon or the gargoyle?”
“That sounds like my dating scene.”

~ Overheard in Borderlands Books, from their awesome occasional blog

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