Dear Lord Akeldama: Ill Advised Color Choices & Fashionable Drinks

He’s back! Please welcome the Good Vampire to the blog today!

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Header Dear Lord Akeldama ~ Ill Advised Color Choices & Fashionable Drinks

Dear Lord Akeldama…

What are some things that make someone interesting enough to talk to, in your opinion?

Questions. People who ask questions are always more interesting than those who do not.

Any current fashion advice for a Lady with Dandy tendencies?

This Tumblr is for you. You can thank me later.

What kind of new magic will next be born into the world?

Well you can ask my creator, she’s rather taken with quinessence at the moment. You’ll have to read the San Andreas Shifter series to find out more but I’m enjoying the books, they are quite sexy and Manifest Destiny is charming.

What are your tips for writer’s block?

Don’t be ridiculous, scribbling, I don’t write! My creator, on the other hand, has this blog post for you.

What is the color would you suggest to wear for next year?

All of them, in well coordinated waves, of course.

Rubies or emeralds?

Diamonds go with everything, buttercup.

What was the first tea that truly made you fall in love with tea?

My creator is more of a tea fan than I am. I am always happy to serve it to others, of course. But in general my preference is for another warm beverage, served fresh, of course.

Is there a tea you prefer when you need to brood in a particularly majestic fashion?

Majesty requires alcohol, my slurpy darling, not tea. Champagne, of course. Brooding, I’m afraid, is customarily a job for claret or brandy.

In all the years you have lived, what has been your favourite fashion?


Which color should be banned from the spectrum? For me it’s puce – neither fish nor fowl that one.

I’m not wild about chartreuse. My creator has another term for it but you need to give her several champagnes first before she’ll admit to it.

Must one’s shoes match one’s bag and/or blouse? I am being told I must. If so, why? 

The only rule I have for shoes is that they must match each other.

What is your opinion on velvet?

Favorable. Who doesn’t want to wear something that is both beautiful to look at and sumptuous to touch?

Thank you, Lord Akeldama, for you wise words.

Until next time,

Yours in velvet,

Miss Gail

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  1. Susan Pola Staples said:

    Thank you Lord A for your erudite wisdom on all things fashionable.

    If it pleases your lordship, I have a question about Hellenic history. What happened to Hephaestion? If you think me impertinent, please excuse me and forget the question.

    BTW there’s a new motion picture on Oscar Wilde called the Happy Prince coming out. You might enjoy it as Mr Wilde was witty and insightful.

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