Gail Carriger Shows Off Her Parasol Collection (Video)

Oh, did you think my love of the humble parasol was all a ruse?

Certainly not, Gentle Reader.

Here is my proof!

In this short video I talk about nothing but parasols!

Mentioned in this video…

Hope you enjoyed this peek behind the scenes!

Yours in shaded glory,

Miss Gail


The Omega Objection San Andreas Shifters

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Direct from Gail

Can a gentle giant with a trampled heart
show a man who’s been running all his life that
sometimes there are monsters worth running towards?


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Quote of the Day:

“I’ve become that guy who buys his underwear on EBay.”
“You haven’t hit rock bottom until you buy it on Craigslist.”

~ Overheard in Borderlands Books, from their awesome occasional blog

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