Finishing School Special Extras Lessons: How to Defend Yourself Against Vampires, Werewolves, Flywaymen & More!

Here are some lessons from Finishing School in gif form!

Lesson #1

Lesson #3

Interesting he’s how Silvana drew ’em…

Lesson #5

Lesson #8

Lesson # 12

Where are the rest of the Lessons?

Well you have to read the books to find out.

How to Defend Yourself Against a Vampire

How to Defend Yourself Against a Werewolf

I hope You enjoyed seeing this gifs all collected together in one post. Little Brown, my publisher, put them together for me so you have them to thank for them. Such fun.

With Tumbler going the way of the dodo I’m not sure I will get anything like this again in my career as an author, so I am glad they happened when they did.

Your’s in giffy glory,

Miss Gail

A moment of extras…

A Fun Question From Goodreads…

ClitLit Podcast asked me (with regard to the Finishing School series)

I appreciate how you’ve flipped the traditional “cat and mouse” narrative, turning the natural predator from pursuer to prey. What inspired you to write about “unladylike” ladies in a restrictive society owning their autonomy and individuality? Your heroines are charming because of those qualities, and much of your character development seems focused on that aspect. 

Ooo, what a complicated question. Well I’m very interested in activating the beats of a Heroine’s Journey (as opposed to a Hero’s) and that, by it’s very nature, flips some of these narrative expectations in terms of the perception of autonomy/individuality.

I also very much like to play with social, cultural, and reader expectations (but in a nice way). I guess you might call it my version of parody. (It helps that I write comedy.) It’s a way to get a twist in without having to sacrifice plot. In other words, if I do “unexpected” with character, I can still have my happy endings and my loving friendships and my representation. In fact everything (and everyone) becomes more accepting because of their own abnormal quirks. I want to give the disenfranchised (and the geeky and the timid and the bullied and the silly and the queer) self-actualization, and possibility, and hope.

I might make a case that all authors are manipulative and Machiavellian. I like to believe I am particularly wicked about it, but doing it for good not evil.

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“These guys are snarky and charming, fully realized characters, Marvin is an adorable whirling dervish of darling, and Tank and Isaac finding their places within the pack all added up to a delightful and sometimes intense read.”


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