The Curious Case Extras & Alessandro Tarabotti

The Curious Case short story released in…

March of 2012, online

I don’t have many blog posts on this one. It’s just a short story featuring Alexia’s crafty father, Alessandro Tarabotti, in his assassin for the Templars days. It also showcases mummies, werewolves, and well-preserved felines and is the first hint I gave my readers that there were OTHER kinds of shape shifters.


Alessandro Tarabotti and his valet, Floote, are on a mission in Egypt when they encounter visiting tourists and the situation turns to mummies. What is Alessandro’s real mission and will his Aunt Archangelica approve of his treatment of her cat?

If you have ever wondered about Alexia’s father, this will give you a glimpse into his adventures, character, and romantic interests.

This is the only installment of its kind, I had always planned to write more snippets of Alessandro’s life. Perhaps I still will.

Tumblr eatingfireflies fan art for Alessandro Tarabotti

Things Pertaining to This Story

This was not the story’s original cover. You can read all about my cover art experience the first time around in this blog post.

I switched away from drawn art because none of my other covers are like that and I wanted to stay on brand. Also I discovered Evan Butterfield‘s shoot of his model Vincent and fell in love. I actually own the rights to Vincent’s whole gallery, just in case I want to write more Alessandro I have the same cover model ready to go.

Spotted this shot in Paris

Sneaky Gail Is Sneaky

  • Is there a hint about Alessandro meeting Lyall in this story?
  • Who did Floote fight it Scotland, and might it account for his latter tendencies towards shooting a certain someone?
  • Remember the name Phinkerlington… it’s going to show up again, a long ways down the line.

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Joyfully Jay says:

“Carriger manages to give these guys a lot of layers and depth, while still giving the story some lightness and fun.”


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My current favorite teacup.

Your Tisane of Smart . . .

Rare Footage of Octopus vs. Pufferfish Battle

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