Dressing Alexia ~ From the Corset Up (Parasol Protectorate Special Extras)

I thought you might like a glimpse, Fashionable Reader, into some of the things that Alexia might wear underneath one of those amazing dresses of hers in the Parasol Protectorate series.

But first…


 1872 Ball Gown  Charles Fredrick Worth, 1872  The Metropolitan Museum of Art; Bustle 1873, Austrian, Made of cotton and horsehair

OK, so that’s what they were like during Soulless time period of early 1870s.


Here we go!

Dressing Alexia from the Foundation Up

Godeys Aug 1872 Drawers
Stockings  1873  The Metropolitan Museum of Art
1875 Garter  1875-1825  The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Evening Shoes  1875-1885  The Metropolitan Museum of Art
1872 Corset  The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Corset Cover  1870  The Metropolitan Museum of Art
1872-1874  The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Petticoat  1873  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

And over the whole thing?

1870-1875 Bonnet   The Victoria & Albert Museum
1872 Ball Gown  Charles Fredrick Worth,  The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Cape  1870  The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Parasol 1880s  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

 Wedding Fan  1877  The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

And what were the men wearing?

 1873-1875  The Victoria & Albert Museum; 1875-1880  The Los Angeles County Museum of Art

1875 Pocket Watch  Sotheby’s

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I hope you enjoyed this look beneath the scenes, as it were,

Yours in corsetry,

Miss Gail

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