Gail Discusses The 5th Gender, Tea Hijinks, & Why Write Explicit Sex Scenes? (Video)

I get real honest and rather deep at points during this video. So you have been warned.

We range quite widely but here’s some of what I talk about…

The 5th Gender!

Link to preorder plus blurb etc…

When will the audiobook be out? Is it a stand alone? What’s the POV? How explicit is is and why?

Hints about what “emotively sexy tentacle hair” means.

How does it connect to Crudrat? And will there be more?

Book Covers: (Time Stamp 12:00 in)

Gail covers, in great detail how she goes about picking a book cover. The kind of thought process plus how hard it was moving to science fiction. She talks in depth about the 5th Gender’s cover and the two she rejected before they ended up with this one. Why she chose this image, the tentacles, and the background and the font. Plus the photo manipulation Starla went through to get it right.

Lilliput Mocks the Cover

She also talks about picking the models and images for the Parasolverse novellas and the San Andreas Shifter series. Spine colors. And font choices and much more.

Her cover designer is the amazing Starla.

Dark Garden Corsets 

Tea & Food

Gail tells two funny stories about her mother and tea, one involving a phone and the other an earthquake. And then gives some sage advice for all to learn from these stories.

What tea Gail drinks? Twining’s 1706 Strong Breakfast 

Gail’s thoughts on fruity black teas, black current flavoring, and spicy food, oh my!

Gail makes a TERRIBLE CONFESSION about coffee.

Random Questions Answered

  • How to decide on the explicitness (heat level) of a story? 29:50
  • Also why Gail writes sex scenes and why she thinks they are important. There might be a bit of a soap box about proper education of girls.
  • Will there be witches?
  • What does Gail love most about Percy as a character?
  • What’s Madame Lefoux’s astrological sign?
  • Gail’s non fiction on the Heroine’s Journey
  • Gail explains why there are so few comedies in Steampunk or Sci fi.
  • You should read TJ Klune’s Lightning Struck Heart 
  • Gail’s up coming events.

The Outfit!

Vintage 1940s dress, vintage boater hat (probably 1960s), vintage costume earrings, lipstick is Maybelline Super Stay Matt Ink in #20 Pioneer.

Destined to be tipped over by a cat mug is here.

I hope you enjoyed this video!

Yours in purple,

Miss Gail

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OUT MAY 18, 2019!

The 5th Gender (A Tinkered Stars Mystery as G. L. Carriger).

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Sci-fi queer romance meets cozy mystery in which a hot space station cop meets the most adorable purple alien ever (lavender, pulease!) from a race with 5 genders.



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