Gail Carriger’s Reading Wheelhouse: What I Hate, What Turns Me Off, What I Won’t Read in BOOKS!

Well hello, Gentle Reader! I covered what I like in this post now I am going to talk all about what I really don’t like in terms of reading wheelhouses.



I know I know, I don’t like putting negativity out into the world but I always want something I can direct people to who will persist in asking me to blurb/read books.

Ready? Here we go!

4 Systemic Issues That Really Turn Me Off

  1. Teams with only one woman
  2. Female protagonists with no female friends
  3. Skinned characters (biologically women, but they think and act like men)
  4. The Hero’s Journey

7 Plot Devices I’m OVER

  1. Amnesia
  2. Rape
  3. Issues that could be solved with one conversation
  4. Depressed main character
  5. Abusive/stalker Alpha males (AKA Alpha-holes)
  6. Killing your gays and/or minorities
  7. Sherlock Holmes retellings (more on that in this blog post)


4 Writer Ticks I No Longer Forgive

  1. Women characters only described by their appearance
  2. Early onslaught info-dumping
  3. Detailed descriptions of gore or glorification of violence
  4. Glaring and consistent misuse of vocabulary (thesaurus syndrome)

I Will Not Read It If It’s

  • Dark/gritty or dystopian
  • Zombie/plague focused
  • First person present tense
  • All white and/or all cis het
  • Part of a long running unfinished series
  • A cliff hanger
  • Over 120k

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Yours in “stop trying to dump books on me that I’ve seen a million times before,”

Miss Gail

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  1. The WOL said:

    Patting the table and murmuring, “Hear! Hear!”

    The real world has more than enough dystopia, angst, violence, etc.; I don’t need to get more of it in a book. I read for entertainment. I am not entertained by Stürm und Drang, Angst, Schadenfreude, or any of those other dreary German psychological concepts. I read to have a little mental dalliance, to take a breather in a land where the clothes are frilly and colorful, one can be consensually naughty behind closed doors, there is exactly sufficient clotted cream for the scones, and dirigibles rule the skies!

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