Gail Carriger Recommends 10 Great Authors Right NOW

Hello there Gentle Reader!

Here are some authors I love, who also write the kind of books I like to read: generally lighter stuff full of warmth, found family, and happy endings.

You can delve into my reading wheelhouse in this blog post if you want to know what I’m into.

10 Recommended Reads Right NOW

  1. Nikki Woolfolk writes both queer and steampunk and I love her stuff, it’s also complex and thought provoking. Bonus: anytime she writes about food I get hungry.
  2. Intisar Khanani writes lovely atmospheric fairy tale fantasy, I particularly enjoyed Thorn.
  3. Cindy Pon’s Silver Phoenix is a stunning beautiful YA fantasy with some amazing lyrical prose.
  4. My dear friend Piper J. Drake writes romantic suspense with adorable dogs, she knows what she’s doing too, her partner is in the military and she’s got the cutest corgi.
  5. Want jaw-dropping comic art and urban fantasy? Try Marjorie Liu
  6. Marie Lu’s Legend is still making waves in YA fantasy.
  7. Kilby Blades writes smart sexy women’s fic, erotica, and charming new adult. So really, take your pick!
  8. Not Your Sidekick by CB Lee is a lighthearted but glorious super hero romp. And there’s more in the series too!
  9. Helen Hoang’s Kiss Quotient is on my list of to-reads and getting lots of attention and buzz. She’s a legitimately funny person on podcasts and online and this awkward romance is reputed to be equally entertaining.
  10. Aliette de Bodard’s The Tea Master and the Detective might be the only Sherlock Holmes retelling I ever liked. Which is staying a LOT.

Bonus: CL Polk’s Witchmark has one of the greatest covers of last year. It’s also reputed to be the most “Gail like.”

(As always: I appreciate recommendations for lighter-hearted, comforting, queer friendly books with happy endings. Representation for the win!)

Here’s some more great options, especially if you want to sample a new author with a shorter read:

28 Romance Novellas You Should Check Out Immediately 

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Yours (destined to be killed by a tumbling TBR pile),

Miss Gail

P.S. This blog post started as a conversation in the Parasol Protectorate Facebook Group. Other suggestions can always been asked for and found there.

P.P.S. Here’s a really fun interview I did recently with YouTuber Amara in Seattle

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  1. Intisar Khanani said:

    I am so honored to see Thorn on this list – thank you so much! This made my day when I saw it yesterday. I actually sold Thorn to HarperTeen and they will be re-releasing a fully revised edition in Winter 2020. So I’m afraid it’s not available right now for anyone who’s interested, but it will be back soon!

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