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The Great Parasolverse read along continues with Timeless, the final Parasol Protectorate book. I talked a lot about ending a series when this book came out.  This was a first for me… ending a series.

Timeless released in March of 2012.

Here are some for the best blog posts that tie to this book. Chattering and amusement on the subject of Victorian Egypt, travel by sea, traveling acting troops, and unveiling more secrets of the Parasolverse .

This is the exciting and hilarious conclusion to the Parasol Protectorate series.

Timeless was a New York Times, Locus, and Publishers Weekly bestseller; was a Los Angeles Public Library Best Book of 2012; won the 2013 Prix Julia Verlanger Award(2013);  and the Parasol Protectorate Omnibus Volume Two was selected as a Best Book of the Year, by the Science Fiction Book Club.

Writing Timeless

I blogged about ending a series at the time in two parts, the practical mechanics of it and also the emotional feelings and my own personal struggles. I have to say that since then I’ve learned to feel differently about the last book in a series. In fact, writing the final book has become my favorite thing to do, because it’s an opportunity to wrap so much up and I LOVE that. It really suits my personality with is very organized, neat, and tidy (maybe a little OCD, but that’s just because the world isn’t as tidy as I want it to be).

Timeless still has some of my favorite comedy scenes I’ve ever written:

  • Lord Akeldama with Prudence and the bath
  • Ivy and Tunstell’s theater show
  • The riding a donkey sequence in Egypt

For the eagle eye of the super fan, yes, Ivy’s stage costume is, indeed, me lampooning the original German covers of the Parasol Protectorate books (also the second run printing in France).

German cover of Timeless

I have always believed that the best revenge is evisceration  in print.

Extras Pertaining to This Book

Random Author thoughts concerning Timeless

  • Yes, I knew Ivy’s arc from the get go, she was ways always intended for this outcome.
  • Biffy however was a complete surprise to me.
  • I knew Lyall & Alessandro’s back story from Changeless on.
  • I have written several of Alessandro’s journal entries that never made it into this book, I’m keeping them to perhaps one day write his book.
  • I worked for an Egyptian museum and I had always intended to be an Egyptologist until I reached university and realized my skills were better suited to Materials Archaeology. Still, the Middle Kingdom is a great love of mine, particularly the queens, hence Hatshepsut.
  • In addition to Ivy’s costume at the beginning of the book (based on my German covers) Tunstell’s costume is based on a friend’s panto gig at the Dickens Christmas Fair.

The many faces of Alexia…

The Many Faces of Alexia, T-B, L-R: Japan, Spain, Omnibus, USA, Germany, Manga

After Dark Book Lovers says of Timeless:

“The finale was a mix of crazy, tense, funny and heartwrenching. It was 3am and I was literally crying near the end. My cold, dead heart was shocked, let me tell you. Loved it. Great series, and it’s even greater because it has a solid ending.”

Yours (sadly never having visited Egypt),

Miss Gail

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Book News:

Words Words Words says of Timeless:

“I have now finished Gail Carriger’s Parasol Protectorate series. It had an incredibly strong finish, and I had the urge to start the series over from the beginning.”

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