Reticence: Two Covers, Pick Your Favorite? (Custard Protocol Behind the Magic)

Reticence and Competence each have two difference overs, Gentle Reader. TWO! 2! TwwwOOOOOOoooooooooo.

Reticence Covers

Which one?

Which Reticence cover do you prefer?

Print Editions?

You can call or visit your favorite local bookstore! Ask them to “Order it from Ingram.

Borderlands offers signed editions of the USA Hardcover. They will ship worldwide. Use the SIGNED button under the book’s image on my website

the UK paperback PRINT edition

I am trying to get them linked but Amazon is fighting me, assume it will never happen. 

Audio Editions?

The USA & Canada should get this book in audio around the same time as it releases. Everyone else? We’ve been fighting for almost a year to get the final Custard Protocol books distributed to you. The publisher has been stonewalling. Please write to them about it.

You do have an alternate. You can get an audio CD shipped to you from Borderlands. Use the SIGNED button under the book’s image on my website: Reticence & Competence. Just clearly explain that you want the AUDIOBOOK on CD.  

That is the only way I know that you can get it.


  • We’re trying to negotiate to have Moira’s narration distributed to you. It’s NOT going well. Write to my publisher and ask them for it. No really, try. Hachette Audio. They aren’t listening to me.
  • To do this myself I would have to rerecord with a different reader. Then you’ll complain that it’s a different narrator.
  • It costs thousands of dollars to make an audiobook, and I don’t have the funds right now and the market overseas for English audio isn’t big enough to support the expense.
  • Finally, the distribution mechanism isn’t in place. Audible doesn’t offer the option of ONLY distributing overseas, yet I’m contractually obliged to do that.
  • In other words: Right now, convincing my US audio publisher to strike an overseas distribution deal is our best option.

Why 2 covers for Reticence & Competence?

Because I am publishing the these two Custard Protocol books to the UK and other non-North American territories myself.

If you’re overseas and able to get any of my novellas then you should be able to get Reticence. I do my absolute best for you. I could not be working harder to make sure it gets to as many of you as possible, but that might mean it’s not in the version you prefer.

Is there any substantial difference in content?

The UK edition is EXACTLY how I want it in every way, including a full list of my published works as of publication, some minor grammar and sentence structure differences. It also has British spelling and uses the word ladybird instead of ladybug. But the story is the same.

See this blog post on the subject of anglicization.

Here’s the bit in the Live from February where I explain the different book sizes:

I explain a lot on the different cover sizes. I go into a bit of a show and tell using Imprudence as a model (backwards because I’m using my phone’s flip camera) but you get the idea. At Time Stamp 39:00.

But Miss Gail, I like both & want to own both!

You’re a darling and I love you!

Generally speaking (aside from second party sellers and illicit means) USA readers shouldn’t be able to get the UK edition, and visa versa. (Gail cocks an eyebrow at you thoughtfully.)

But you know, interesting things happen to the Chirrup members… just saying. Plus Book Depository eventually will get on board and offer the UK edition to anyone who can meet their pecuniary demands.

As always, you don’t have to take my word for it…

Well, actually you do, but here are related articles anyway:

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Yours in RED,

Miss Gail

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The 5th Gender (A Tinkered Stars Mystery as G. L. Carriger).

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Audio is coming. 

Sci-fi queer romance meets cozy mystery in which a hot space station cop meets the most adorable purple alien ever (lavender, pulease!) from a race with 5 genders.



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I’m going to eat them on the next live so I will tell you then what they taste like.

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6 Responses

  1. Rhiannon Lynn said:

    Cool! I actually had a very dear friend who looks a bit like Percy — tall, gingery hair, light eyes (grey with a hint of green and his eyelashes though! blonde-tipped red-gold!) , pale with freckles and a TOTAL intellectual. But really sweet and kept me sane and mostly happy through high school, even going to the school dance with me once when no other boy would (I was the weird one). Ah, all those lunch-breaks spent discussing geeky stuff (I did recommend your books to him once, but they made him blush for some reason…might have been SAS, though…).
    Ya know, I always think of “he’s NOT the Messiah; he’s a very naughty boy!” whenever Mr Tarabotti comes up….
    And my mother has been known to call Book Depository Book Suppository from time to time….
    Really excited about the completion of the series!

  2. April said:

    I really love the UK version: the guy is cuter, looks friendlier, dressed better and dislike the US version for the opposite reasons: he has a cleft chin (dunno why they kind of annoy me), too scruffy, outfit is weird, looks mean and sly.

  3. Emily said:

    It’s a split: I like the clothes on the US cover – I think they fit better, but I like the UK model better – he looks more gentle. But then, re the outfit, given Percy must be wearing a costume of a sort, and because he’s Percy, maybe the fact that they don’t seem to fit and stick out oddly on the UK cover is ok.

  4. anne said:

    Choosing is a dilemna. Both covers are beautiful and both Percys sexy and well dressed. But I am slightly more inclined to the US version, because Percy’s outfit looks more contemporaneous to the 1890s than in the UK version. I hope that Percy is to go to both Fuji San and the Senso Ji temple when in Japan. The fact that we have seen the US version for a couple of months is also a prejudice to the UK version. Anyway, it will the latter one I will receive in Europe.

  5. John said:

    I always prefer quaint old-fashoned clothes / settings vs. more modern ones. I was raised on Hammer Horror films, lol.

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