What Happens After Reticence? All Your Questions Answered!

But, you say.

Miss Gail, you say.

No more Parasolverse?


Your End of Series Questions Answered!

Is this the last Custard Protocol Book?


Anything is possible, but for now, Rue and her crew are off about their own business and tired of  me messing with them.

Is this the end of the Parasolverse?

Absolutely not!

The three Parasolverse novella lines continue:

  1. In Delightfully Deadly you can follow the Finishing School characters all grown up and causing mischief.
  2. In Supernatural Society see your favorite queer side characters get their happy endings.
  3. In Claw & Courtship see Biffy, Lyall, and the new London Pack find love, happiness, and swaddled squash. Other werewolves also an option.

OK FINE, is this the end of longer adventure series in the Parasolverse?

For now, yes. But, again, anything is possible. I don’t like limiting my imagination.

What about more YA?

I’m considering various YA projects (and maybe even middle grade), but if set in the Parasolverse they would be much earlier in time. Join the Chirrup to find out more.

At Books Inc, Alameda for the launch of Reticence

Story Questions You Might Still Have After Reading Reticence!

First, if you haven’t finished the Custard Protocol series STOP now. POSSIBLE SPOILERS. Although mostly it will just seem confusing.

Why wasn’t Dimity at The Wedding?

Keep an eye on the Delightfully Deadly series ~ you’re looking for the Honey Bee.

Speaking of The Wedding, what was Channing up to in Hyde Park?

Fraternizing with stroppy Americans, find all about it in How to Marry a Werewolf.

What happened to Lady Manami?

You might want to check out Mana in the San Andreas Shifters series.

Why didn’t we get to see Biffy and Rue make up?

Sometimes we grow apart, and have to form our own pack. And sometimes little birds need to be pushed out of nests. Biffy knows what he’s doing. I tackle all forms of love in my books, even the tough kind.

Not happy with that? There’s more Biffy to come in the Claw & Courtship series.

How did Arsenic’s parents meet and end up in Scotland?

Find out about that fateful train station meat cute in Poison or Protect.

Wait argh, what did… Lord Akeldama, Tasherit, what?!!?!!! Merephssfaldja!

Uh huh. So there. Never doubt the machinations of immortals.

Yours in craftiness,

Miss Gail


Reticence: Custard Protocol Book 4


Percy is off to Japan, but will Japan survive Percy?

Bookish and proper Percival Tunstell finds himself out of his depth when floating cities, spirited plumbing, and soggy biscuits collide in this delightful conclusion the Custard Protocol series.

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Aces High Jokers Wild says of The 5th Gender:

“By far the greatest strength in the characterization of this story is the writer’s ability to normalize exo-cultural characters and allow us to look through their eyes. Drey serves as our access character, expressing our own confusion and occasional discomfort with his partner’s culture. But as he learns to love Tris, we learn to see the universe through new eyes. And that is the greatest power of a story.”

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9 Responses

  1. Terra said:

    I love the confirmation that things are connected, it made my day. Many days. Several days.

  2. Jasmin said:

    I’m a bit behind on the Parasol Readalong and just finished Romancing the werewolf. One thing struck me – the wicker chicken. If the wicker chicken is who I think she is. I would so love to hear more about her. The entire Finishing school series is my favourite. And since I still have to wait a bit until the softcover edition of Reticence comes out (all The other books I have are softcover) I might start the Parasol Readalong all over again

  3. Anonymous said:

    With the “Reticence” out now and Dimity’s book confirmed to be released next year, will the short story “Meat Cute” be coming out in digital format soon?

    While sad that the main series is finished (for now, hopefully, since we don’t know what the future may hold), I’m excited to learn more of the other characters in the franchise and how you expand and connect the Parasolverse in the novellas.

  4. Victoria said:

    Throughly enjoying the Custard Protocol séries. When will the last novels in this series be released in audio format?
    Cheers, VBL

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