16 Future Writing Projects I Might Try AKA Authors Don’t Need Your Ideas (Important for Writers)

I tend to talk about what I’m actually writing in the Chirrup on a monthly basis, Gentle Reader.

But in the interests of accountability, I thought I might post about some of the many projects I’m considering writing, so you can rest assured that I’ll never run out of ideas.

It’s possible someone made the mistake on social media of saying to me,

“Gail… why don’t you write X character, or X book?”

Or perhaps,

“I have this great idea for a book, you should write it, and we’ll split to profits.”

Blink. Blink. Blink.

Look, seriously? Ideas are cheap. It’s the writing that’s costly in time and sweat and tears and tea…

So to prove that, here are 16 possible ideas I’m contemplating writing right now (and some of these are multiple books or multiple story possibilities in the same universe). No promises that I’ll actually write any of them.

Pre-note on Epiphanies

I’ve talked before about the fact that I don’t start actually writing a book until I have had its epiphany. By epiphany I mean, I see a crystal clear scene in my head of two characters talking together and know their personalities and then I know what the story is. For Soulless this was Alexia and Ivy walking in the park and discussing the fact that Alexia accidentally killed a vampire the night before. (This epiphany scene is rarely the opening of a book.)

Right so here you go….

16 Things Gail Could Be Writing Right NOW

1. Delightfully Deadly #3 (novella)

PITCH: Would you wait forever for true love?
GOOD: I’ve had the epiphany for this book, it’s a long time span snippet book full of pining and lost love ending in a very late in life romance.
BAD: I need to do lots of back referencing to other parasolverse books.

2. The Enforcer Enigma (San Andreas #3 – novel) 

GOOD: I’ve had the epiphany for this book and I’ve a rough outline. Three books in a series is a marketable asset.
BAD: These books aren’t selling as well as my other stuff.

3. San Andreas #4 (novel)

GOOD: I’ve had the epiphany for this book, and I’ll be introducing the new love interest as a side character in #3.
BAD: See #3 plus #3 needs to come out first.

4. Book 1 in The Lost Animech Chronicles (mid grade series)

PITCH: A girl must find a magical familiar and control her abilities or be stripped of power and become a political pawn.
GOOD: New kind of book, agent is interested
BAD: I have no idea what I’m doing, I’m risk averse, and scared.

5. Crudrat (YA sci-fi) in Print & Digital

GOOD: It’s basically written just needs a heavy revision pass. I’d like to put some more YA out into the universe.
BAD: It’s impossible to sell YA sci-fi right now, even non-YA is a struggle for self pub.

6. Cypher (Crudrat #2 YA) in Print & Digital & Audio

GOOD: Right now, not a lot except satisfying the very few fans Crudrat has now.  It has an outline.
BAD: Time consuming, unproven, risky proposition in terms of sales. Nice to have something completely different to play with though. It would be impossible to do this one with the same cast as the first one in audio.

7. Claw & Courtship #2 (novella)

GOOD: CC is my best selling novella series, the most popular with Zon to promote and by far my best indie seller. Adding a new addition to this novella line would be fiscally sensible.
BAD: Haven’t had the epiphany yet and don’t know which character I’d like to work with.

8. Dear Lord Akeldama (compilation ebook)

GOOD: I have so many blog posts, I could form them all up into one fun ebook collection of the Dear Lord A advice column. It’d give me something to point people at who want “more Lord Akeldama.”
BAD: Does anyone really want that?

9. Lord Akeldama Short Story

GOOD: It’d give me something to point people at who want “more Lord Akeldama.”
BAD: I’d have to write it from the perspective of the cat. Not super inspired by this idea. Short stories don’t sell.

10. Other Parasolverse Shorts

GOOD: It’d be fun to have a few “seasonal” offerings, I’ve had some idea featuring old favorite main characters.
BAD: Probably pretty plot-less and just fan service, worth the time to write?

11. New YA Techno-Fantasy Series

GOOD: I have several ideas set in the same techno-fantasy world, The Banded Lands.
BAD: It’s something new and different for and from me, I’m not sure readers would like it. YA is a struggle for self pub. Traditional publishers likely uninterested.

12. Queensman (early parasolverse YA series)

GOOD: Adventure YA featuring a gay knife fighter from a northern island who unexpectedly becomes the bodyguard of young Boudicia. Meanwhile, the vampire-run Roman Empire is invading. Revolves around the introduction of werewolves to the British Isles.
BAD: Is anyone interested in something like this? Plus research sucks. Still Romano-British was one of my fields of study for a while.

1900s Giovanni Boldini (Italian artist, 1842-1931) The Summer Stroll

13. Camp Residual series

GOOD: Wet Hot American Summer meets Jane Austen. A series of lighthearted romantic comedies with supernatural elements.  Because each would stand alone, can basically drop them whenever.
BAD: No one seems as excited about this concept as me.

14. Geomage series

GOOD: Urban fantasy series based on gargoyles and geology – rocks, lots of rocks. Could be YA.
BAD: Do I want to go into UF right now? Will it sell? Do we care?

15. Alessandro Tarabotti serialization

GOOD: I’ve had the epiphany for this serialization, it’s a long time span snippet book starting with Alessandro as a kid training, including his journal entries, forming his whole life. Kind of linked short stories.
BAD: Very experimental, could be released as a serial or as a novel or both, no major arc or through line, does not have a happy ending.

16. Tinkered Stars mystery #2

GOOD: I’ve had a minor epiphany for another space station mystery for Drey and Tristol. Would be super fun to write, plus wedding plans? A few people do want more of these books.
BAD: Should I really write more in yet ANOTHER series? Don’t yet know how well The 5th Gender actually did.

So there you have it, some of the MANY options on my plate.

You can vote for your favorite, although no promises. One of the reasons I do independent projects is so that I could write what amuses me most when it amuses me and not before. Still, I do write for you and I want to make you happy so I am interested in your opinion. 

Vote for your favorite!

Which of the above story ideas are you most interested in seeing Gail Write? 

Poll is only letting you vote for one but please feel free to leave a comment with further thoughts, or to advocate for one of the above. Please note that I can not write new books featuring characters who have already been in the limelight (Alexia, Sophronia, Rue etc…)

Yours (never to run out of ideas),

Miss Gail

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64 Responses

  1. Sue said:

    I could not vote for more than one option unfortunately. The ones I really WANT, in no particular order: 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, and 16.

  2. Jessica said:

    I would read absolutely any of these, but I was most drawn to Queensman, Delightfully Deadly, and San Andreas.

    Beyond this-I am so super stoked about your upcoming Heroine’s Journey book and would love to see more non-fiction from you. I’d LOVE to hear/read your thoughts and processes on writing humor. I know this isn’t on the list, but I would super buy it if you wrote it.

  3. Christopher said:

    I’m also interested in Queensman. I will be reading Heroine’s Journey when it comes out. Even though I’m not a writer I find the process fascinating.

    1. Gail Carriger Post author said:

      Oh good! I shoudl be fun if you consume any kind of pop culture, but especially books. I’m thinking the tag line might evolve to “For writers, storytellers, and consumers of pop culture”

  4. June Chase said:

    I couldn’t seem to vote for more than one, so I just voted to read anything you write. See you at Gaslight Expo.

  5. Aline Leal said:

    I intend to read every book you write, really.
    But now I’m really looking forward to the next San Andreas book.
    The next option for me would be Claw & Courtship.
    The Queensman sounds like a great idea too.

    1. Evie said:

      Honestly any of these! I’ve read other M/M but am not a consistent reader of them but I seriously LOVE San Andreas and am waiting for the future stories. I loved The 5th Gender as well and would love to have more stories from that world. No matter what though I would read any of them.

  6. Tia said:

    I definitely don’t want to rush you on it, but the next Claw and Courtship is high on my list. Aside from that the Camp Residual Series idea interested me as did the Geomage series. You don’t see a lot of Gargoyles in fantasy (at least as far as I’m aware) and I like the idea of one off supernatural infused romantic comedies.

    1. Gail Carriger Post author said:

      Yeah that’s why I liked the Geomage idea. Also I know far too much about rocks, because of my background, so I havea great magical system in my back pocket.

  7. Kristen Beaudette said:

    Miss Gail, I adore your work and have read everything you have written. My request with regard to future writings, though, is please give the adult works priority over the YA. I understand that there needs to be more (and better quality YA) works out there, but as an adult reader, I find it harder to get as “into” the story of YA. A few authors I really enjoy have branched out into YA and I have the same difficulty with all of them. Whatever it is that authors need to do to adapt their writing to make the books YA, makes them less interesting/entertaining for me. More San Andreas, more Tinkered Stars, more … who am I kidding? If you write it, I’ll read it. 🙂

    1. Gail Carriger Post author said:

      You’re is not an uncommon feeling. Sadly I also have several emails from teen fans in my inbox begging for more YA because their parents won’t let them read the sexy stuff (not that they should, of course). So there are counter voices. Also YA is better for the traditional market right now, so it’s an author career thing. But dont’ worry there will always be at least something adult oriented every year.

      1. Diadem Snickerdoodle said:

        There are also those of us adults who prefer to read books without “the sexy stuff”, and thus lean toward YA as an escape. That being said, my two favorite ideas here are the Camp Residual and the Akeldama story from kitty’s perspective. I think you could do some very witty and fun things with the latter!!

  8. The WOL said:

    While I would read anything you wrote, because I like your style! . . .,
    my favorite of your series is the San Andreas Shifters. I crave more of anything in the Shifterverse, Enforcer Enigma included. You have some really great characters in the Shifterverse that I want to know more about. I particularly like how you handle the consensuality that must be a part of any healthy relationship. Plus, I do like the mxm hotness. . .

  9. Stacy said:

    I’m already starting a secret savings stash to purchase all of these! Yes, yes, and more YES!!!! If you write it, I always buy it & love it. So I’m here for anything that you really want to write. I’m SO excited for all of the future joy I will have reading new books from you!!!

  10. anne j. said:

    The Queensman is an enticing ideas. A vampire/werewolf/shifter story set any time before the Victorian era is not so common.
    And of course more novellas.
    Unfortunately it is impossible to tick more than one idea in the poll.
    As long as you keep on making us smile and laugh with your books.

  11. Marissa S said:

    It would not in fact let me vote for more than one option 🙁 So, I am most interested in The Enforcer Enigma and Tinkered Stars #2, but i also love stories that are adjacent to the Parasolverse. And at this point, I’d read anything you want to try your hand at.

  12. Becky said:

    Can only vote for one in the above poll. Sad face. Delightfully Deadly, Shifters, Queensman, Tinkered Stars, oh and all the others. 🙂

  13. Billie said:

    I will certainly buy anything that you write but I, surprisingly, found the premise of The Lost Animech Chronicles most intriguing. Although, I’m not sure how I would feel about the end product as a middle grade book being an adult reader. I also really love the idea of a serial. The Innkeeper serial that Illona Andrews writes is one of my favorite series of all time. It is very interesting seeing the book happen a chapter at a time and then having the pleasure of buying it at the end and seeing the final changes. I also really enjoyed Seanan McGuire’s Indexing serial as well. Looking very forward to whatever you choose to do!

    1. Gail Carriger Post author said:

      Ooo, thanks for letting me know you’d be interested in serialization. That’s something I would really love to try but am not sure if anyone would be interested in.

  14. Kim said:

    I stand by my vote, that I will read anything you write, but I’d love another Tinkered Stars mystery, I loved the first. I’d also be really interested to see Alessandro’s life story, even if it ends sadly. Also looking forward SO MUCH to your Heroine’s Journey book!

  15. Jim L. said:

    Sorry Gail, but I could only vote for one of your proposed projects. I voted for Tinkered Star Mystery #2, but I’d also like to vote for the Enforcer Enigma San Andreas #3 and San Andreas #4. However, I’m a big fan and will definitely read anything you write!!

  16. Julie said:

    I voted for Queensman, but I’m honestly excited about a lot of these ideas and will pick up anything you write at this point. I love the novella series and S.A. Shifters series are highly anticipated!

  17. Ryan said:

    I voted for Delightfully Deadly #3 because the premise jumped off the screen for me and made my eyes go wide and my lips mouth “YES!” but my answer truly is 17) I’ll read anything. But I wanted you to know how excited that particular idea got me.

    I also love the idea of Queensman, Alessandro shorts, and basically anything parasolverse. I also am intrigued by the Middle Grade story and would love to hear more about that. Crudrat and 5th Gender are still in my very long tbr pile and so I assume I will want more of them but can’t rank those yet (Sorry! I promise I will get to them!)

  18. Tina Koppinger said:

    I love all your books, and just finished re-reading them in chronological order.
    I adore the San Andreas Shifters series and The Fifth Gender. I’m doing my best to talk them up to anyone who will listen.
    Keep up the amazing work!

  19. Sally Wright said:

    I will read what you write but I REALLY want to continue the Crudrat story. It’s not being voted for because people haven’t heard Crudrat. Period. <3

    Having said that, you need to be able to make a living, so write what will sell and the die-hard fans will follow you where you lead us.

  20. Alyssa Thompson said:

    I voted for the Enforcer Enigma, but I’d also love to read more Delightfully Deadly and Claws and Courtship novellas as well as another Tinkered Stars mystery. Of the new series ideas, I thought Queensman sounded interesting.

  21. Kassy said:

    I will absolutely read anything you write.
    I did not vote for that, because I wanted you to know you had a lot of support for the San Andreas Shifters, at least from this straight ally. I’ve been turning some gay friends who don’t UF on to the series, so maybe that will help. Ditto Tinkered Stars.
    On the Alessandro Tarbotti loosely affiliated shorts, a series of those type of stories (I believe they were in Asimov mag) were what originally turned me on to Janet Kagan, who died far too young. I’ve now collected and read and reread her entire oeuvre, although the Miriable collected shorts, that started me off, remain my favorite. So there is an audience for that sort of thing, and it can be a way to grow your readership.
    But I’m sure you know all that.

  22. Lee Rogers said:

    Anything related to the Finishing School series (loving Delightfully Deadly) and Parasolverse, especially backstory. Claw and Courtship are so very enjoyable.

  23. Patrick Sullivan said:

    I am going to swing for the fences and say #4 the Lost Animech Chronicles.

    Here is why. You are are in a great groove now with your currently published series and you are, if you pardon the expression, kicking hind quarters and taking names.

    Which means it is time to try something new and different because you don’t want to wear out your welcome. The is something new that you can sink your teeth in. Yes, it might not sale, in which case look me up and kick me in the daddy bags.

    But a new world, a new setting, and something that you seem to feel is in your wheelhouse… You could get 9 books out of this setting.

  24. Ilse said:

    At this stage I’d read anything you write, but I forced myself to choose. 😀 I was drawn most strongly to 1,2,3,4,12 and 16. On the whole I prefer the longer novels to the shorter stories and novellas, but so far I enjoyed all of your work. (Only Crudrat to discover now)

  25. Chelsea said:

    Voted for San Andreas…also interest in 15. Honestly, I’ll read whatever you write, though. I love your work!

  26. Rachel T said:

    I so wanted to vote for more than one. I had to go for the third San Andreas book because I feel like I have been anticipating it forever. But I also want the fourth, too. And I need more Tris and Drey. But I would also love Cypher. I loved Crudrat and the 5th Gender both so much. You have such a way with Sci-fi, I am so excited for anything you write in the Tinkered Stars universe. But I’ll probably read anything you write.

  27. Andrea said:

    I LOVE Crudrat. So, a follow up to that story is highest on my list. But Queensman is certainly something I would read. And I always enjoy your novellas.

  28. Harley said:

    I personally super like the geomage idea. Gargoyles aren’t done nearly enough! And the few that I have read about are really cool and knowing how you write they would be amazing!
    Also anything to do with the parasolverse and the San Andreas.

  29. Erika S said:

    Look, I’ll read whatever you put out but aside from anything more with Biffy and Lyall, which I don’t expect because they got their happy ending already, I am always eager for more of the San Andreas Shifters. And I recommend that series (plus anything else you write) to anyone who expresses an interest in ‘something new.’

    Everyone I’ve recommended the Parasol series to has loved it. And those I’ve introduced the San Andreas pack to have loved it as well. I just need some more friends who actually read…

  30. Gloria Magid said:

    How do I change the address (email) where my Chirrup goes? The old one is spammy and doesn’t always update – really want to shift to the yahoo one.

    Re next books – kind of like the flashbacks into the parasolverse that is called out in Queensman, though my first choice was for more Tinkered Stars. Will read whatever you write, but I can tell from the writing when you’re having fun with the book, so pick the one that makes you smile!

  31. Therese Marie said:

    I would read any of your books, simply because I love the way you write and the way the language flows. But the one I am absolutely most interested in is Queensman. It sounded like a really fascinating story set in an equally fascinating time.
    Would also like to read more of your already started stories, even if the sex part isn’t as interesting as the rest. Possibly the language doesn’t flow as well, and also I’m really not very interested in gay sex as such. But the characters are wonderful, so please keep them coming!

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