Soulless’s Birthday, Stories From A Book’s Misspent Youth

Soulless is having its birthday today, Gentle Reader!

Thought I might share a few of my most fun, and most silly stories revolving around the launch of my very first book, some decade or more ago now! I know, right?

Shortly after Soulless came out, through no fault of mine, World Fantasy Convention came to town.

And I said to my darling friends, I said…

“Darling friends. You know that wedding you had at my mother’s place? You know those baby showers and wedding showers you made me attend? You know those parties I hosted over the years? The time has come,” said I, “to talk of recompense. The chips… I am casting them.”

And so my friends, who are darlings, became many things: caterers, cooks, flower arrangers, interior decorators, event coordinators, brewmasters, bartenders, tea mistresses, servants, cleaning staff and all the steampunk personas one must to throw a very impressive BASH.

And together we threw a rather memorable party. There may even be a few reading this blog who remember it still, and read my book because of it.

Here are some stories from that time…

The Shortbread Fiancee

A dear friend made shortbread for Soulless’s coming out party. A fellow author was so enamored of her shortbread (and rather drunk) he immediately proposed marriage. He went on to become rather famous, but amongst my friends he will be forever known as “The Shortbread Fiancée.”

The Armenian Lovers

My original bio said I had a haram of Armenian lovers (and I did at the time) but the gentleman manning the bar was not one of them. (There was character themed cocktails and bathtub gin, just FYI.)

Still, my editor, who is a tiny terrifying human but generally looks about 12, came to the party. I had special cheese platters prepared just for her. She loves cheese. She went to get a drink and then returned to report excitedly that she had been “carded by one of the Armenian lovers!”

Kitty (Ivy’s companion), Ivy & Tunstell.

Ivy Hisselpenny in the Flesh

I had actor friends playing the parts of my characters at the launch. My dearest Miss Kalandar represented Ivy. (She is also the inspiration for many of Ivy’s best lines, among other things.)

Next to her is Paul as Tunstell, who IS Tunstell, only I didn’t realize it when I was writing that character. Fortunately, I have the kind of friends who, when I accidentally put them into my novels, will find their tightest loudest pants and show up at a launch party portraying that character.

Soulless Alex Award Scarf Gail Carriger Parasol Protectorate

Ah, the beginnings!

You can read more about this event and book launch teas here:


And you can read the full menu here:

How to Throw a Book Launch Tea Party

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Miss Gail


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