10 Most Popular Gail Carriger Quotes (Behind the Magic)

Over ten years in publishing (and quite a few books), Gentle Reader, and here are some of the most quoted sections of my books (or interviews) as voted on by Goodreads and social media…

#1 Quote = Not from a book at all!

I was asked in an interview early on how I felt about reading and being a reader. The above quote is genuinely how I feel about it. I do read basically every day, even if it is only a chapter or two.

#2 Quote = BRAINS!

#3 Quote = Vampires!

Lord Akeldama showing up very early on in this list. No surprise there! This one came from Blameless.

Quote #4 = Gossip!

This is a Biffy quote, but it comes straight from my heart. Gossip has always been a lifeline in my family, Mum, Granma, so forth. This might be my favorite quote on this list.

Quote #5 = Sexy!

I love this one because it hints at the way I write sex scenes and how much humor I like to bring to and find in nudity and flirting.

Quote #6 = Evil Genius

This is the first on from the Finishing School series.

Quote #7 = Sledgehammer

This is Lord Maccon talking to (and describing) Alexia.

Quote #8 = Cats!

This one is Alexia thinking about herself.

Quote #9 = Steampunk

I am specifically talking about steampunk fashion in this quote from an interview I did super early on in my career.

Quote #10 = Tough Lady

This is a long one but it may be one of my favorite descriptions. I love writing something that is both funny and accurate.

There is is. After 10 years the top 10 quotes from my books!

Honorary mention to one of my favorites:

Yours (Oscar Wilde is my idol),

Miss Gail

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