The Great Office Purge of 2019 (Behind the Magic)

Hello Gentle Reader,

Been a bit absent recently on social media and here on the blog. You see, I returned from my last event in San Diego, to a rent increase on my office space.

Wait, Gail, why do you have an office? Why not write at home in your sweatpants swilling gin like a normal author?

Well, I don’t like gin and I never wear sweatpants.

But actually, I live in less than 600 square feet with an AB and a cat, so there isn’t much space for my books or much quiet to write in. Thus about six years ago I got myself a tiny remote office in a nice old Victorian historic building. Gussied it all up girly and retro (as is my wont) and happily pursued my authorial endeavors.

Gail Carriger office book nook

Sadly the book nook will be no more.

Until this rent increase. (Before you say anything: Here in CA there is no rental protection on commercial units for tenants, so there’s not much recourse I have except to leave.)

So leaving I am.

I’ve found a very nice place that is bigger and more accessible, if perhaps without as much character and historic charm. It will, I hope, be cooler in the summertime.

Because of the move, I’ve been getting rid of a ton of stuff. I’ve donated to charity shops, put a raffle together for Borderlands, consigned clothing, sold costumes, and listed first edition book exclusives on my Gumroad storefront. I even did an eBay auction.

Here’s some of what I got rid of…

The Clothing!

Cream brown 1870s inspired outfit.

1880s inspired wine and black lace outfit.

Persian belly dancing outfit.

Changeless cover outfit.

Madame Lefoux jacket.

The Books!

I included clutch items like ARCs and obscure articles, and (of course) signed everything that I should. The advantages of being THE author, I suppose.

Soulless LTD Boxed Green Cameo SOLD

Parasol Protectorate Trade First Editions Gail Carriger

Parasol Protectorate Boxed Set Gail Carriger Free Book

Anyway, why am I blogging about all of this?

Just the freeing nature of getting rid of things, I suppose. It’s very liberating… The older I get the less I want stuff around me, it feels heavy both literally and figuratively. With the possible exception of shoes.

It feels like the right time to do this what with the move and celebrating 10 years as an author.

And you seemed to be pleased with the offerings. The person who got the Madame Lefoux jacket wrote about it with such beauty, it made me cry. I’m sorry if you missed something you hoped to get. Don’t worry, I still kept one of everything for myself. Just in case. And who knows I may move again!

What Else Have I Been Up To?

I also scanned a decade of academic notes, ripped apart old notebooks, developed a dust mite allergy (yeah hives and lack of breathing), cleaned out an improbable amount of dish-wear and thinned out the teacup collection. I also collected fun extras together into goodie boxes for upcoming Chirrups.

Meanwhile, I managed to turn in The Heroine’s Journey to my agent and Dimity’s book to my beta readers. More on the title, cover, and release dates for Dimity, plus details on the release of Meat Cute in digital and audio, PLUS audiobook codes for The Omega Objection and a Romancing the Werewolf goodiebox in up coming Chirrups.

Yours, surrounded by boxes,

Miss Gail

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