Which is Your Favorite Parasolverse Cover of All Time? (Well, After 10 Years)

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So over the course of this year (my tenth year as a professional author) I’ve been asking in the Parasol Protectorate Group to vote on their favorite cover in different categories. Now it’s time for the final vote! (I’m running it here and in the Group, because everyone deserves to have an opinion… except Twitter).

Cover Art Parasol Green Gail Carriger

(Original results when I did this several years ago.)

The poll is at the bottom if you want to just skip to it and vote…


Which foreign edition cover did you like best?

For this runoff I chose my favorite representative of the German/French paperbacks, Japanese Parasol Protectorate Covers, Japanese Finishing School Covers, Japanese Custard Protocol Covers, and the Spanish Blameless.

Representing for Foreign Editions in a surprise upset….

The Spanish Blameless!

This cover happened because my Spanish publisher couldn’t afford the rights to the USA version and so they commissioned their own. (They would eventually go out of business, sadly.) One of the reasons I’ve never had any other editions in Spain, is because the rights are all tied up with this publisher.

Still, a lovely cover!

Which Finishing School cover do you like best?

In an entirely unsurprising result, Waistcoats & Weaponry stole the Finishing School category easily. Something about the fan and the teal always appeals to people.

Waistcoats & Weaponry!

Which Parasol Protectorate original cover do you like best?

This was a big category as I needed to offer up: Soulless, Changeless, Blameless, Heartless, Timeless, Soulless Manga 1, Soulless Manga 2, Soulless Manga 3 (the other Soulless covers were moved to a new category).

Soulless the original!

Which Parasol Protectorate hard cover do you like best?

Soulless Omnibus 1, Soulless Omnibus 2, Soulless Cameo Hardcover, Soulless Illustrated Hardcover, Fan Service

Soulless Illustrated!

This was a surprise upset as the Cameo won the whole contest last time I did this.

Which Parasolverse novella/short cover do you like best?

Poison or Protect (Presha’s book), Romancing the Werewolf (Biffy & Lyall’s book), Romancing the Inventor (Madame Lefoux’s book), How to Marry a Werewolf Channing’s book), or Curious Case (Alessandro’s story)?

Novella Cover Art Poll

Romancing the Werewolf!

Romancing the Werwolf

Which Custard Protocol cover do you like best?

Prudence, Imprudence, Competence USA, Competence UK, Reticence USA, Reticence UK


Prudence free PDF

Which cover is your overall favorite?

Spanish Blameless (representing for foreign editions), Waistcoats & Weaponry (representing for Finishing School), Soulless OG (representing for original Parasol Protectorate), Soulless Illustrated (representing for Parasol Protectorate special editions), Romancing the Werewolf (representing for the novellas), Prudence representing for the Custard Protocol!

Which of the Parasolverse cover winners is supreme?

Yours always thinking about cover art,

Miss Gail

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