Dear Lord Akeldama ~ 8 Very Intrusive Questions

Guess who is back on the blog today, Gentle Reader?

Why yes indeed, it’s him! And he’s in a quick fire mood. So it’s going to be SNAPPY.

Welcome Lord Akeldama… take it away!

Dear Lord Akeldama Ready for the Ball by François Brunery c1880


1. Can you tell me your secret for keeping so peppy? 

Expect the worst of the world, then when anything bad happens you’re self satisfied and when anything good happens, you’re pleasantly surprised.

2. Have you ever turned any of your drones?

Darling, I’m not quite that much of a queen.

3. How did you get from Egypt to England after your metamorphosis? 

Very very carefully.

Exploding Wicker Chicken Gail Carriger Finishing School

4. Can you enlighten me as to the identity of ‘Wicker Chicken’?

I could, but then she’d have to kill you and I just had the carpets cleaned.

5. Who does your hair after Biffy’s departure?

Why? Are you applying for the position?

6. BUR records show that you are referred to as Subject V-322-XA. Does this in anyway indicate your first name starting with an ‘X’ or is the ‘x simply a stand in because of your reluctance to share? 

Ah yes, I had a lover once who called me by the shortened version of my name. I was rather fond of him. He worked for BUR.

Gail Carriger Fan Art Christine @xenogsmith @gailcarriger -Lord Akeldama, Alexia, The Potentate, The Dewan and Lyall in the drawing room. (From a how to draw manga vampires book)

Christine @xenogsmith @gailcarriger -Lord Akeldama, Alexia, The Potentate, The Dewan and Lyall in the drawing room. (From a how to draw manga vampires book)

7. How do you find best to catch a gentleman’s attention in an amorous manner? 

I’m a great fan of witty banter, but the direct approach, while not one I employ too often myself, can be most efficacious with prospective lovers. A simple statement of inquiry, couched in a flattering manner, I find works best.

Always provide the gentleman an excuse to decline, of course. One should never be rude to (or with) ones food.

8. How do you really feel about Biffy and Lyall?

Perspicaciously squiffy.

RTW Biffy Lyall Heart Romancing the Werwolf Love Gail Carriger SS2

And he’s gone!

Thank you all for paying him such close attention, he loves it, even if he doesn’t say so.

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Yours in delicate balance,

Miss Gail

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