10 Movies, TV, Songs That Made Me Happy in 2019 (Miss Gail Recommends)

Gentle Reader, this continues a series of reflections on the things I enjoyed the most last year. Here’s some of the not-book media I discovered that I really loved.

  1. Mary Poppins Returns. Despite what you may think, I’m not a huge fan of the original movie (except the suffragette song) but I enjoyed this new version. In fact, I have decided I want to be her. I figure I’m about halfway there. Gotta wear my deep blue velvet coat more often, and I need a cute tilted burgundy perch fedora.
  2. A Cappella Group Pentatonix’s ‘The Sound Of Silence’ (plus I adore the outfits, very 90s La Femme Nikita).
  3. While watching the TV series Bones, I heard the song Lilikoi Lover by Rising Tide at the opening to an episode. I got so excited. Basically, this is a love song to my favorite fruit of all time: passion fruit. It is NOT a good song, but that matters not a whit to my excitement on the subject of its existence.
  4. Speaking of watching Bones, I like the anthropology perspective. Before you ask: yes my lab was near to the arch phys people (forensic anthropology); yes I’ve met the flesh eating beetles; no not my area of expertise at all; yes they did work CSI. Everyone hung out in my lab because we were food safe and I served tea, can’t do that around dead things.
  5. All Fantasy Everything podcast. I love the premise, although it’s a bit dude bro, it really makes me laugh.
  6. Four Weddings & a Funeral short film sequel for Comic Relief 2019 – a charming short follow up 25 years later to the original movie, which is a favorite of mine.
  7. Captain Marvel movie, working theory is it’s a buddy cop comedy chassis with Heroine’s Journey overtones. I liked it. My favorite was the cat. Of course.
  8. For Valentine’s Day I basically just rewatched all my favorite queer romantic comedies, ate a lot of chocolate, and enjoyed the rain.
  9. The following earworm: Postmodern Jukebox covers Burn.
  10. The new adaptation of Howard’s End. I’m an EM Forster fan, but I never liked the original adaptation, even though the cast was good. I think this longer version better suits the nuances of the story.

Yours (always behind what everyone else is into),

Miss Gail 

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