Defy or Defend Cover Art Reveal! Dimity is Coming for your Sparkles

Dear Gentle Reader,

The crafty amongst you have noticed mention of a new Delightfully Deadly book. (And members of the Chirrup have known it is in the works for a while now).

I am delighted to officially announce, Dimity’s Book:

Defy or Defend!


(from your vendor of choice)

Directly from moi!

.mobi (for Kindle)

.epub (for Nook etc)

(You’ll need to side load when ordering direct. Google “side load” + name of your device.)

Here’s the teaser:

A vampire hive descending into madness. A beautiful spy with a sparkly plan. And the man who must keep them from killing each other.

Read the rest on the preorder listing of your choice.

Any more hints?

Dimity has to fix a hive of vampires, so you get a really fun look into what, exactly, the dynamics of a vampire hive is like. Also I lampoon/parody everything Gothic (in the original sense of the word).

DoD Defy Print Cover Jacket Defy or Defend Free

The Making of This Cover

The model is from France/UK and was rather shocked to be contacted by me. She’s the owner of Lady Love Lloyd Creations (original photo here). I found the original image on a steampunk fashion blog (just like the original Soulless cover). Fortunately for me, the model owned the rights (exactly as happened with Donna over 10 years ago).

I loved the coy innocence if this image so much I had to have it.

Defy or Defend Model Coy

Starla worked to make it fit the Finishing School meets Delightfully Deadly style. Also Dimity’s hair needed to be longer and the necklace skewed more deadly. Both of these are key plot points in the book, as is the apple green background color.

This is one of the fun things about working with a designer on my own covers, I can put little cookies and hints into the cover as well as the story!

FAQs About This Book

Where is the audiobook?

Emma Newman is narrating for me again, but audiobooks always take extra time, here’s why.

I’m considering offering this audiobook directly to my newsletter to buy from me BEFORE it hits Audible/Apple. So if you want to own the MP3 all for yourself, and you want to own it ASAP you must be a Chirrup member.

Where is the print edition?

It will be coming to the usual vendors. If you were able to get How to Marry a Werewolf in print, this will be offered the same way. You’ll also be able to order a signed edition from Borderlands as usual, using the signed button below the cover art.

Here is why print distribution is different from digital.

Because print is very expensive to produce and because Defy or Defend is longer than my previous novellas, it will also cost slightly more. Sorry, but printing companies charge authors like me a ton more than they charge big publishers. The bigger the book the more they charge. This is the only way I can afford to even offer print books.

Yours, still typing,

Miss Gail

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