Defy or Defend Print Editions

I’m not going to sugar coat this, things are rough in publishing right now, as they are everywhere my darling Gentle Reader.

Defy or Defend in Print

Here is what is going on with print books that are traditionally published right now.

However, Defy or Defend is NOT traditionally published, it’s self published (AKA POD or print on demand). So I’ve been working very hard to get it out to you.

Here is evidence to that effect, Lilliput at the ARC from Amazon’s KDP print…

Lilliput DoD Defy ARC Proof Sitting Couch

Because this book is longer than normal and print costs take into effect weight, this book is a little more than others in the series, it’s $14.99 USA.

Basic Print Edition

The regular print edition is ready to go with Amazon, it’ll drop just after May 3. Because of C19, Amazon is delaying shipping on non-essentials. This includes books. Amazon does not allow for preorders on print editions but I assure you it will be available. 

The book is NOW available for your local independent bookstore to order from Ingram and distribute to you. Where possible, you can order from them by means of their website. To ensure all goes smoothly you might give them the ISBN #


If you want to support a local store in times of trouble, here is short list of bookstores who have regularly offered my indie projects to their customers in the past:

Incidentally, it is worth supporting these and keeping them in business if you can because, frankly, they are also the places I’m likely to visit and do signings in future.

DoD Defy Print Book Plant Promo

SIGNED Print Edition

Borderlands and I have coordinated to offer signed editions. I have two big boxes of first editions in my office, all signed. Those who asked for a dedication, your book will be dedicated and processed this Thursday, April 23, 2020. The Sainted AB will then be driving them into San Francisco for curbside drop off at Borderlands for them to disperse to YOU.

Yes they ship anywhere. Here’s their official announcement that they are open for mail order. 

Gail Mint Green Lace 1960s Pattern Turban Teacup Defy Signing Look

Signing the Borderlands Books!

There are 3 ways to get one of these SIGNED first editions: 

  1. Use the SIGNED button beneath the book cover on my website
  2. Contact Borderlands directly at [email protected]
  3. Use this link to pre-order online (whether it says it or not, if it comes from Borderlands, it’s signed) 

You can support Borderlands by ordering many of my other books signed from them, as well. There is no extra charge for the signed edition, but you will have to play shipping. 

Timing will entirely depend on the postal service after that. I will be doing another pick up box for Borderlands as well, in case you missed the deadline. But these will take longer.

 More on print books. 

Defy or Defend Audiobook free Gail Carriger


Yes Defy or Defend will be an audio. Emma Newman has completed her narration and is just doing a few pick ups for us. However, my audio producer is overloaded with his day job right now, and so it may be delayed. I have a plan to make it up to you, I promise. More on audiobooks.

Please be kind about this situation, we are all doing our very best.


Miss Gail

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Defy or Defend, a new Delightfully Deadly book featuring Dimity!

Defy or Defend by Gail Carriger Free Download


Dimity, London’s cheerfullest spy, must fix a broken vampire hive while a gentle soldier tries to keep her safe. A charming makeover story set in the popular Parasolverse.

It’s a battle for survival… and wallpaper!

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