Fashion in Defy or Defend (Special Extra Delightfully Deadly Series)

My darling Gentle Reader, here are some bits of fashion I included in the new Delightfully Deadly book, Defy or Defend.

Defy or Defend Gail Carriger the Fashion Title

I’m posting them ahead of time so you can look out for them and because I don’t consider fashion a spoiler, not even in a makeover story.

First, this meme went around a long time ago, and I saved it at the time because it so perfectly portrays several scenes in this book. A certain vampire gets hold of Dimity’s nightgown at one point and…. well you’ll have to read it to find out what happens next.

I promise, I wrote the scene before I saw the meme!

Here are some of the fashion plates I used to reference various dresses in this book.

On Dimity

Dimity Les Modes Parisiennes

Les Modes Parisiennes February, 1869

I love that cape but it’s actually too elaborate for Dimity under the context of this particular operation, the yellow and white ball gown, however…

Dimity Les Modes Parisiennes September 1869

Les Modes Parisiennes September 1869

I don’t know why I think of Dimity in yellow, but I do. I love this yellow and brown dress. I think it’s such an interesting color combination that screams 1970s in the modern age, but it was fun to put Dimity into it.

Dimity Hair

Dimity’s hair is the subject of much discussion in the book. Here is an example of how it might be arranged in this story.

Dimity & Justice

Dimity is depicted helping new character, Justice, with a personal makeover. So the two of them appear in a number of scenes together.

Dimity (yellow) Justice (pink)

Dimity (yellow) Justice (pink) Les Modes Parisiennes February 1869

Justice (pink) Dimity (blue)

Justice (pink) Dimity (blue) Les Modes Parisiennes June 1869

Justice (white) Dimity (orange)

Justice (white) Dimity (orange) Les Modes Parisiennes July 1869

Dimity & the Nottingham Hive Queen

Hive Queen Dimity

Hive Queen (pink) & Dimity (blue) Les Modes Parisiennes March, 1869

Hive Queen Dimity

Hive Queen (fringe) Dimity (blue) Les Modes Parisiennes October 1869 

Find more fashion from this time period (the 1860s) on my Pinterest board.

I hope you’ll have fun looking out for some of these dresses. Although, be warned, I tend to change colors or trims or fabrics, to make it more key to the character’s personality. In any case, you get an idea for the fashion in this book, and the fashion is VERY important!

Yours (always deciding between fringe and brocade, but fringe AND brocade???),

Miss Gail 

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Defy or Defend, a new Delightfully Deadly book featuring Dimity!

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Dimity, London’s cheerfullest spy, must fix a broken vampire hive while a gentle soldier tries to keep her safe. A charming makeover story set in the popular Parasolverse.

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