The Enforcer Enigma Print Editions & Borderlands

I’m not going to sugar coat this, things are grim in publishing right now, Gentle Reader.

The Enforcer Enigma print editions will be delayed.

I have no idea exactly how long for, but I can’t see any way in which it will be possible for me to have it available by Aug 1, 2020 at this juncture. The delay will be less than a month, more than a week, is my best guess.

I’ll update this post a soon as I know more.

The Enforcer Enigma is NOT traditionally published, it’s self published (AKA POD or print on demand). I’ve been working very hard to get it out to you.

However, because I bumped the digital release up, the print edition is delayed by comparison. Thus the ebook will release first. Here’s a detailed article on why this happens.

TEE Enforcer Enigma 3D

Ordering the Print Edition

The book will be available to order from some local independent bookstores. They will be able to get it from Ingram and will then distribute to you. As soon as the listing is up, I will let everyone know (you and them).


When available, you’ll be able to order easiest with the ISBN:


If you want to support a local store, here is short list of bookstores who have regularly offered my indie projects to their customers in the past. Although, due to The Morbs, I cannot guarantee any of them will have my books, or are even open for business.

Gail Carriger Signing Romancing the Inventor for Borderlands Book, San Francisco, Oct 2016

Signed Print Editions – UNAVAILABLE

Signed books are unavailable at this time.

Why am I no longer offering signed editions through Borderlands?

Borderlands Books is embroiled in a controversy with serious sexual allegations (originally reported on by The Horror Show with Brian Keene: Kaitlyn Booth and Nick Hanover – Ep 271 – a lot of the feelings discussed in the episode reflect my own).

As a result, I’ve removed all links to buy signed editions from my website. I’ve also asked Borderlands to refund and cancel existing preorders of Enforcer Enigma.

Unfortunately, I have no other means of offering signed editions or print preorders.

If you are a member of my newsletter, the Chirrup, I will give you an opportunity to buy signed bookplates from me (shipping within the USA only).

Why do I not offer signed editions for sale directly?

  1. Warehousing: It’s expensive and unpredictable.
  2. Illness: I do not have a hands free means of shipping, which means taking each individual book into the post office myself, standing in line, forms, and more (a high risk environment & I have compromised lungs).
  3. International shipping: Even if I could offer signed editions, I wouldn’t be able to offer international shipping (and I hate having to exclude people) because it’s hellishly expensive and hard to predict the right charge, plus I have to be in the post office filling out a long customs forms, which is expensive in time and health risk.
  4. Taxes: Retail puts me into a new tax bracket that is hellishly expensive and messy to set up.
  5. Could I sell these on etsy or ebay? Sure, but many of the same issues still apply. Plus there is monitoring the listings and that takes a lot of time.
  6. Frankly? It’s Not Smart Business: I make less than $1 per print book and that doesn’t include my time processing or shipping.

Flapdoodle Jeeves Wooster Wodehouse

Why can I not develop a similar relationship with another local indie? 

My nearest alternative indie bookstore, Books Inc, will not run consignment deals at a price commensurate with my ability to make a living. They will not order POD books from Ingram and then call me to come sign. Other bookstores feel similarly about consignment with self-pub authors and are too far away for an Ingram deal.

Plus my experience with Borderlands has now made me very gun shy.

TEE Enforcer Enigma SAS3 eBook


As I said, Chirrup members are offered the opportunity to buy bookplate stickers with my signature whenever I have a new release. Otherwise, you will have to track me down at an event, when and if those ever happen again.

This decision is final.

Yours (huddled in a corner, eating marmite on toast, and whimpering into her tea),

Miss Gail

Gail’s Daily Dose of Distractions

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2 Responses

  1. toddinsf said:

    Thank you for the decision to remove your signed books from Borderlands. Even though I had a pre-order placed there, I was happy to see your decision about this. I wouldn’t want to support such a horrible person through my purchase, and am glad to see you feel the same. I hope for the sake of the workers and community that the store may somehow continue under new ownership at some point.

  2. anne j. said:

    It is always so hard to have one’s trust shattered, all the more that you had such a good relationship with them.
    The Marmite diet is really good, I recommand French buttered bread instead of toast, it is even more addictive.
    Sorry if I have missed something in your blog or in the Chirrup, but will it be possible to get the print edition over here in Europe? Paperback and/or harback? Amazon has been so far the easiest channel to get your indie books.

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