Gail Discusses Enforcer Enigma, Heroine’s Journey, & Tons of Gossip (Video)

A fun FB Live Q&A Video for you today, Gentle Reader.

I finally got some of my energy back and am a bit more upbeat than last time. The first question tackles some weighty matters and we delve in and out of the current troubling state of the book industry, but mostly I managed to keep it pretty light a chatty.


TEE Enforcer Enigma SAS3 eBook

The Enforcer Enigma

The Heroine’s Journey (preorder coming SOON to the Chirrup )

Marine Biology


What’s going on with Enforcer print edition? Borderlands signed editions? And Borderlands in general? List of independent bookstores.

I also chat about upcoming Delightfully Deadly and Tinkered stars book. How I feel about traditional publishing and the publishing industry in general right now. I talk about writer lessons learned and changes as a writer over time.

Why does Changeless have a cliff hanger ending?


The House in the Cerulean SeaBig warm hug of a book? The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune

Ripped Bodice (LA) – women owned and big diversity supporters

Try to order from Black-Owned Bookstores?

Coastal Magic

Gail’s Pinterest boards

Gail Carriger Comfort Reads

How did the Soulless cover come to be?

Piper J Drake call out

Donna my cover model and Geeky Teas

Belle Monde Chocolates Nikki




Asian drama segue!

  • Eternal Love: Chinese epic fantasy drama on Netflix
  • Love O2O the series: Chinese romantic drama of a gamer girl and the hottest boy on campus who figures out she’s a secret gamer, in-world gaming character start the romance first, it is ADORABLE also bonus secret but clearly coded baby gay romance between nerd and hacker in second half.

BL Chinese drama rec:

  • History2: Crossing the Line (YouTube 8 eps) – Trigger warnings for glorified fighting and sub-plot of two step brothers getting together that’s pretty taboo/odd but the main romance is sweet and clean

BL Thai drama recs:

  • SOTUS: The Series (Netflix 15 eps) – Trigger warnings for hazing rituals and school sanctioned bullying.
  • Until We Meet Again (YouTube 17 eps) – SO MUCH FOOD Trigger warnings for suicide, family member homophobia, tragedy/lost love, extreme submissive tendencies

Incidentally, I dropped two massive treaties on BL dramas recently in this blog, intended to be read in order. You need passwords to read these posts, for various reasons explained in the forthcoming Chirrup. The password to them will also be provided in that August 2020 newsletter.

  1. BL Dramas Analyzed from a Writer’s Perspective: PART I
  2. BL Dramas THE LIST – What to watch? PART II

Right now I have no intention to make these completely public facing. But that might change in the future.


Okay, that’s all I got for ya!

Miss Gail

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The Enforcer Enigma, third the in San Andreas Shifters series.

TEE Enforcer Enigma SAS3 eBook


Direct from me?

A werewolf without rank or hope and an enforcer who has lived too long go up against the selkie mob.

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  1. Andrew Donaldson said:

    Any prospect for The Heroine’s Journey in print? This is a book I’ll probably read in any case, but I’d be far more likely to re-read if in dead tree edition. Digital bookmarks and underlining and marginalia are not the same, among other reasons.

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