The Enforcer Enigma Special Extras

Dearest Gentle Reader, much to my surprise (and others), The Enforcer Enigma released August 1, 2020. (It was originally slated for the beginning of November, but I bumped it forward because of the Morbs.)

Here are some special extras for this book!

Colin and Judd get their own story at last!

Thank you so much for your patience, I hope you find that they are worth the wait. (As Judd feels about Colin.) I give you some fun new characters to get excited about, too. Plus, of course, the return of old favorites and a few nasties to keep things interesting.

This book contains both the most touching sex scene that I’ve ever written and one of the funniest crowd scenes (the pack attends a concert and has opinions). Plus, I have a lot fun lampooning food trends, cafe culture, and fancy coffee drinks.

Special Extras

Behind the Scenes

This book occasioned some hilarious comments form my beta readers, so I thought you’d like a glimpse behind the curtains at two of them…

STEFANO! It’s funny when one realizes you share a history of soap opera watching with one of your beta readers.

The convertible backpack/suitcase I took on excavations and that traveled around the world with me for two decades was named “Stefano.” We had a saying amongst my undergrad friendship group, “It’s always Stefano, because Stefano is EEEVILLL” which is a quote from 1990s Days of Our lives.

Other People’s Thoughts

Tiny Navajo Reads says:

“And you can see that in the way that Alec treats and acts around Colin and Trick, and around everyone else in their pack. That is actually one of the best parts of this book and this series, is how much Alec loves his pack and just how much his pack loves him back for giving them a safe place to be themselves. This is the beauty of found family stories, and G.L. Carriger is excellent at writing these stories!”

Reflections of a Swede says:

“In conclusion, I loved this book. And I can’t wait for the next in the series…. I highly recommend this book for anyone who likes love, shifters and sequins.”

Rally the Readers says:

“I absolutely love, love, love the humor that Gail Carriger incorporates into all of her books…. And who wouldn’t welcome some laughs right now? Not only that, and more significantly, there’s also a sweet story about finding acceptance, love, family, and home and learning that everyone unconditionally deserves a family who loves and accepts them for who they are.”

Yours (typing away),

Miss Gail

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The Enforcer Enigma, third the in San Andreas Shifters series.

TEE Enforcer Enigma SAS3 eBook


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A werewolf without rank or hope and an enforcer who has lived too long go up against the selkie mob.

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  1. The WOL said:

    I love the way you interlace your works by having characters from one series turn up in the others, although one from the Finishing School books ending up in SanFran is pretty great.

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