All About The Craft of Writing with a NYT Bestselling Author (Video)

In which I go into how the sausage is made for #NaNoWriMo, Gentle Reader. I take writer’s questions and reveal all my deep dark secrets. You know I don’t talk craft often, so this is your chance.

And here is the video!


Questions Answered At the Beginning

Jules: What do you find most challenging in the writing process? What techniques do you use to overcome writing difficulties or blocks? More tips for getting over writer’s block.

Lauren: What do you wish you’d known when you set out to write your first novel?

Ai: What’s the most bonkers story idea you’ve enjoyed noodling in your brain but never put to paper?
The one I actually wrote: THE 5TH GENDER

Robin: What’s the most filling snack to eat while writing?

Jameson: What is the biggest pitfall that is the most difficult to overcome when writing and publishing?
More? 12 Things About Publishing This Author Wishes Everyone Knew

Karen: Do you use a traditional outline, the “post-its on a wall” method, or a synopsis to organize while writing? Do you do main character profiles, or a list of character traits per character? 
The index card technique.

Gail Carriger Roost Home Table Computer Setup Edits writing write


Tools used necessity and recommends with reservations:

Jessica: How do you hold yourself back from sharing all the cool Easter eggs and awesome references? 

Ali: How much does the story change while you are writing, and does it ever come out completely different from what you planned?

Dawn: With the popularity of audiobooks, do you find yourself making adjustments with book narration in mind? For example : not using character names that could be confused phonetically or messing around with accents and speech quirks.

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