Weird human skill, writing more than one story & finding author community (Video Q&A)

I did a New Year’s Q&A video here’s some of the stuff I talked about and links to answers.

I didn’t bother to re-watch so if I forgot anything do let me know?

Links of Import!

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Heroine’s Journey is here.

And here’s the schematic I showed briefly:

HJ Heroine's Journey Gail Carriger Graphic Schematic by Gail Carriger

Cape I’m wearing can be found here.

The cozy book we talked about was Klune’s House on the Cerulean Sea

The House in the Cerulean Sea

The blog post I directed you to for more cozy book suggestions is here.

Lovely-Odd Questions I Answered

  • What other country would I live in?
  • What I drink when I am not drinking tea?
  • Do I have any weird talents like folding your tongue in a taco? (I demonstrate one skill.)
  • What are the only 3 foods I really will not eat? (Otherwise I genuinely with try anything.)
  • What weird human foods does my cat, Lilliput, like to eat?
  • As an archaeological ceramicist am I also a potter? Here’s a tiny photo of one of my old pieces (sorry it’s all I got).

Author Questions I Answered

  • Do I ever work on more than one story at a time?
  • Some Bridgerton thoughts as a consumer of romance books versus historical adaptations versus author perspective.
  • Which one of my books am I most proud of?
  • Has any audience reaction to a book release ever surprised me?
  • How to find and developed a writer-community + suggestions for those in very rural areas.
  • Following up on a NaNoWriMo project. What is the next step after finishing a draft? What did I learn about my process? Any advice?
  • Any / how much research into ASD / aspie did I do for Percy’s romance?


I hope you enjoyed the video!


Miss Gail

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