DELIGHTFULLY DEADLY Omnibus from Subterranean Press!


Agatha’s book, Ambush or Adore will release IN PRINT as part of a special hardcover Delightfully Deadly omnibus coming Feb 2022. (No fixed date as print operations are currently in flux.)

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This beautiful hardback matches the previous Soulless and the Fan Service special editions from Subterranean Press!

Sub Press Multiple Covers Cloth Soulless Fan Service Delightfully Deadly Omnibus

It will include:

It will be the first time Ambush or Adore is in print! 

Limited (cloth light blue) & Numbered (leather dark blue) editions

Limited (cloth) & Numbered (leather) editions

As ever, these hardcovers are limited short run numbered editions. I sign every single one (see me talking about it here). You know they sell fast and once they are gone, they are gone. “Limited” really does mean exactly that. I recommend preordering. There will also be a super fancy lettered edition that is dark blue and leather bound and comes in its own special case, but these are not yet up for preorder.

Digital is First

Can’t wait? The digital edition drops October 1, 2021. Also Soulless‘s 12th birthday!

Ambush or Adore: Delightfully Deadly #3 – AGATHA’S BOOK. London’s best and most covert spy tries to escape the man who has always adored her.

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Direct from me?

If you don’t see it on your platform of choice it may take a bit longer to upload. Remember you can always get my ebooks (and side load) directly from me. These are global, unrestricted, and allow me to earn the most in royalties.


For those of you who prefer the paperback version, that will happen eventually too, but these versions are coming first. So it will be kind of like the old days of the Custard Protocol and Finishing School series, hardback first, paperback a bit later.



Audio is in production but always takes longer. I intend to give Chirrup members the option of buying the audiobook MP3s from me FIRST, before it goes exclusive to Audible and Apple, so watch this space.


I do hope you’re happy about this!

Subterranean Press is a joy to work with so I really hope you are as excited about this special print edition as I am. It’s just SO PRETTY. Gah.

Millions of teacups and kisses,

Miss Gail 

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Upcoming Scribbles?

  • I have a fun techno-fantasy in production, about a world where magic only works when you’re dating someone, and the boy who falls in love with the wrong person.
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Copper Lantern Book Reviews says of How to Marry a Werewolf

“It is genuinely lovely to revisit Biffy and Lyall’s romance, and see how Biffy has grown into his role of Alpha. Seeing the London pack settled and happy is wonderful.”


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