Ambush or Adore Audiobook

Dearest Gentle Reader (and Listener), Ambush or Adore is already available in audio. I honestly thought it would take quite a bit longer.

Like Defy or Defend, the previous book in the Delightfully Deadly line, this book is read by the amazing Emma Newman. You can listen to a sample here:

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I think this will be the last book I release exclusive to Amazon under the rather draconian Audible 7 year contract. I’m planning to go wide with my new Tinkered Stars stuff. That’s if I decide to do audio with them and who the reader might be. It’s kinda all up in the air with those books.

(If you want to know what I’m talking about it’s in the Chirrup.)

Yours in full cast audio,

Miss Gail 

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Ambush or Adore: Delightfully Deadly #3 – AGATHA’S BOOK


Direct from me? .mobi or .epub

London’s best and most covert spy tries to escape the man who has always adored her. Out October 1, 2021

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