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The Tinkered Starsong books are coming! The first book will be released mid year, deets in Chirrup. This is a proper series with each book leading into the next. Don’t worry I won’t make you wait too long between books. 

Soulless Promo Diagram from @readandrunwithjamie on IG I’ve seen these for other books but this is the first I’ve encountered for one of mine, exciting

Soulless promo tropes diagram from @readandrunwithjamie on IG. I’ve seen these for other books but this is the first I’ve encountered for one of mine, exciting!

Random review admission…

I pretend my books are in a near constant “Alpha pack leader” style competition as to who has the most reviews. This is fascinating to me because it seems to be entirely unpredictable. Currently Ambush or Adore is winning the indie kerfuffle. Which is also to say, if your favorite of my books isn’t leading the pack, perhaps it needs reviews? 

Yours (destined to be killed by a tumbling TBR pile),

Miss Gail 

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Crudrat – The Tinkered Stars

Crudrat Print Office Teacup Blue Flowered Square


Direct from Gail

Maura is doomed to starve. Her space station has no further use for her.




With only her crud-eating murmel and a fuzzy alien stranger to help, Maura must find a way to survive, before they catch her and blow what’s left of her life into space.

Gail’s Daily Tea Party

Tisane of Nifty 

My favorite Thai tea was discontinued but I found a new one I like even more. So yay! 

Writerly Tincture 

Book Nibble 

25 Best LGBT Fantasy Books



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