Divinity 36: Blurb & Pitch & Your Questions Answered

So, Gentle Reader, about this new book of mine.

The working title/pitch for Divinity 36 was…

“The Aliens are coming for us and they want our K-pop.”

But first.. quick notes: Cover and digital preorder for this book is up. I added fun & games in Seattle next month May 5, 6, & 7th. Check them and other events out here. ALSO the next Chirrup will have a a sample… the WHOLE first chapter for you to read. Sign up here.

Okay, so the inception of this book: Way back when I was typing away at the 2nd chapter (I think) I was asked about my current work in progress on the socials.

What Divinity 36 looked like at the beginning:

This is what I said about it:

Divinity 36 Twitter Kpop Alien WIP

As is common with books, especially full trilogies, the whole Tinkered Starsong project evolved quite a bit after that. I actually have a blog post (full of spoilers) talking more about which aspects of the above sparked what kind of research, but that’s waiting until after the book comes out. Partly because it won’t make sense before you’ve read it.

In the meantime here I am one of the pantheon on the dais…

D36 Divinity 36 Gail Grace Square - Trust me you only want me in grace position

Trust me you only want me in grace position! (This will make sense after you read the book!)

And here is the blurb and more…

Divinity 36 Blurb

Tinkered Starsong Book 1

The aliens are coming for us and they want our voices.

New York Times bestselling author Gail Carriger brings you a gloriously warm and unique scifi about the power of art, celebrity, and found family.

Phex is a barista on a forgotten moon. Which is fine – he likes being ignored and he’s good at making drinks. Until one day an alien hears him singing and recruits him to become a god. Now Phex is thrust headfirst into the galaxy’s most cutthroat entertainment industry, where music is visible, the price of fame can kill, and the only friends he has want to be worshiped.

Welcome to the divinity. Where there is no difference between celebrity and religion, love and belief, acolyte and alien. Where the right kind of obsession can drive a person crazy or turn them divine.

Becky Chambers meets The Voice in the first of the Tinkered Starsong trilogy in which the mysterious Dyesi are trying to take over the universe, but they’re doing it so beautifully we might just let them.

Preorder Divinity 36

directly from me or many other platforms

This series is particularly dear to my heart because it is the one that got me writing again after a huge slump.

It was so much fun to scribble that I think it will be equally fun to read. It’s about finding your place and finding your people in the universe, understanding across cultures and stars. It’s also about the power of art and those who wield it, as well as the nature of talent, fandom, obsession, creative passion, and fame.

Phex is adorable: grumpy, antisocial (he thinks), secretly talented (especially at matching people to beverages), extremely caring and a little lost (neither of which he realizes).

I hope that you find friends in these characters and comfort in these pages.

Divinity 36 Marketing Checklist square

Popular Questions About Divinity 36 Answered!

Wait, Divinity 36 starts a new series?

Yes, a trilogy. The following 2 books are already written and will ALSO release in 2023. Each book leads into the next so I don’t want you to have to wait too long between books. But it is a full on proper series series.

How does the Tinkered Starsong series connect to Crudrat and The 5th Gender?

This book is also set in Tinkered Stars Universe which is the SAME universe. However this is mostly in different parts of that universe.

Crudrat connects to Divinity 36 

Events in Crudrat (and its 2nd book, which I will write some day, I promise) are happening in a different sector of the galaxy at the same time that these books are happening. Phex is a former crudrat, like Maura, but from a different part of the Wheel. I would call Crudrat a “sister book” or a “companion piece” but it isn’t the same series. If you’ve read Crudrat, you will understand a little more of Phex’s backstory. But it’s not part of the story arc of these 3 books.

It’ll all make sense the moment you start reading this one.

The 5th Gender connects to Divinity 36 

The Galoi are mentioned at one point in one instance, but otherwise make no appearance. There are some familiar alien races showing up but other than that, no shared characters. Yes, I have VERY FUN plans in place for the next book in The Tinkered Stars Mystery series. And yes… there will be MURDER.

What age reader is Divinity 36 good for?

It really depend on the kid in question. As always, I advise reading it yourself first, you know the child better than I ever would.

That said, I would call it YA, so good for most teenagers and older. As far as I’m concerned it’s certainly appropriate to 10 and up. But the character does start a sexual relationship in the second book. That relationship is eluded to but not detailed on the page. Certainly no worse than The Hunger Games or Twilight. A lot more lighthearted and cozy.

For those of you who prefer things a little higher heat I have a few sexy scenes that I cut from Book 2, but have been considering offering as a Chirrup special.

Will there be an audiobook of Divinity 36?


An audiobook is in the works but this will take a lot more time and is extremely expensive to produce, so please be patient with me? Here is why.

Where is the print version of Divinity 36?

Print edition will be available close to release date (June 1, 2023), no promises on coordinating exactly these days. Printing presses and book distributors are in crisis right now. This series is being indie published which means I can not do a preorder for reasons… made clear(ish) here.

It’s pretty much everywhere now!

These indie bookstores specifically said they would stock the book on shelves in their stores (this is pretty rare these days) and/or offer it online. Help me show extra special thanks to them? And if you are local please especially consider supporting them?

  • Third Place Books (Seattle) – was first to reply to me excited about a new book, so of course I consider them beyond charming, they have it online to order
  • University Books (Seattle) – has pretty much ALL of my books signed, even the indie stuff, right now because I was recently there in person. They should also be able to get you Divinity 36, but, sadly it will NOT be signed. But if you want a BUNCH of my books, they’re a good option and have bulk shipping deals AND ship international.
  • Queen Anne Book Company (Seattle) – this store is ADORABLE and well worth a visit, they’re tiny but will try to have some in stock and you can order through them
  • Powells (Portland) – the Beaverton store intends to stock some on shelves and D36 is listed online, they’ve always been big supporters of me (and SF/F) from the start of my career
  • Bookshop West Portal (San Francisco) – will try to get a few for their shelves but you can also call the shop, they are lovely and happy to ship: 415-564-8080
  • Tattered Cover (Denver) – is excited and wanted ARCs (so someone on staff is a fan) and they have D36 listed online

The Barnes & Noble Northgate (Seattle) also currently has the largest collection of my signed books ever assembled. If you want a signed trade paperback of any of my trad stuff, they probubly have it. In store staff knows what’s what so I would just call them: (206) 417-2967

Currently, I am not set up to sell signed editions directly myself. I am trying to figure out how to do that for you.

Live Video FAQ All About Divinity 36

Here I am answering even more questions and chatting about all things Divinity 36 (and we actually stayed on topic for a change!):

Divinity 36: DVD Extras!

Yours (destined to be killed by a tumbling TBR pile),

Miss Gail 

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Divinity 36: Tinkered Starsong Book 1

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The aliens are coming for us and they want our voices.

New York Times bestselling author Gail Carriger brings you a gloriously warm and unique scifi about the power of art, celebrity, and found family.

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