10 Most Popular Questions About Gail Carriger Answered

It has come to my attention, Gentle Reader, that some of you are searching for information about me and then getting the wrong answers, so here’s a post where I will directly tackle the most common questions people ask about me on the internet. (Or to me in person, depending on how brave you are.)

Things You Most Want to Know About Gail Carriger

1. Is Gail Carriger Married?

Nope. It’s not really my thing. I have many many reasons not to be married and have never yet been given a good reason to marry. I like the idea of a big party everyone has to attend, but basically I used my first book launch for that.

2. Gail Carriger Partner?

Kinda. I have intimates, lovers, friends, people about whom I care greatly and am quite affectionate even cohabitate. Note my lack of use of gendered terms? That is intentional. Interpret as you will. I’m extremely protective of both real and found family, whatever piece of my heart they hold. Which is to say that I (to a certain degree) went into life as an Authorbeast eyes open (at least, I come out of fandom) but those I love did not necessarily sign up for your pointed interest. Even if you do not feel bound by common werewolf decency with respect to my privacy, I would politely insist you respect theirs.

Occasionally, I will not so politely insist on this.

You can read my Tinkered Starsong trilogy if you want insight into how I feel about celebrity and parasocial relationships.

Still feeling nosy? Try this post: A Very Personal Interview: Gail’s Out Front Pride

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3. Where is Gail Carriger From?

I grew up in a very small rural coastal town (population c.1500) called Bolinas in West Marin, Northern California. I also spent a good deal of time in the south of England in an equally small coastal town called Topsham in Devon with my grandparents. But my mother and her family are Londoners. I went to graduate school in Nottingham and have lived off and on in various parts of the UK. My father’s family is Danish, but I have never lived there.

4. Where is Gail Carriger Now?

I currently live in the East Bay part of the San Francisco Bay Area. I am protective of my exact location because I have had stalker, troll, and online abuse issues. I tend to base out of the Bay Area these days due to filial obligation, but I travel a great deal.

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5. When Was Gail Carriger Born?

Mid 1970s and you don’t get anymore than that. The date on the internet for my birthday is intentionally incorrect. I disseminated the wrong birth date from the very beginning. Because, apart from everything else, I am a classic Gen Xer.

In Which Miss Gail Worries Over Age Gaps in Vampire Relationships

6. When Was Gail Carriger Published?

Soulless was released October 1, 2009. That was my first novel publication. Every year I do something to celebrate Soulless‘s birthday. The clever super fan will know that my first professionally published work was actually a short story, My Sister’s Song, released in a 1998 anthology. You can read it to see how my style of writing has changed over the years.

Things you most want to know about Gail Carriger’s books 

7. Gail Carriger Reading Order

This is such a popular question I have a whole blog post about it plus there is a downloadable CHECKLIST or you can see all the books in one place here.

Here’s All My Queer books.

8. Gail Carriger Timeline

I do not have a posted timeline for the Parasolverse because such a thing would be full of spoilers, and not everyone has read all the books. Also, I am still writing in this universe.

It is in my will that the timeline be published on my death. If I close out the Parasolverse before I die, I will make the timeline public at that point.

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9. Where is the rest of the manga?

There are only 3 graphic novels: Soulless Vol. 1 (aka, Soulless), Vol. 2 (aka Changeless), and Vol. 3 (aka Blameless). My post on why only 3.

10. Will there be more Parasol Protectorate books? (Alexia)

Will there be more Finishing School books? (Sophronia)

Will there be more Custard Protocol books? (Rue, Prim, Percy)

Not as main characters. These characters are done with me mucking about in their affairs. (Blog posts One & Two on the subject.) However, many of your favorite characters show up in other books most specifically:

DD Delightfully Deadly Poison Protect Defy Defend Ambush Adore all three 3

Yours (also a Nosy Parker),

Miss Gail 

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