Divinity 36: Starts a New Sci-fi Series from Gail Carriger! Launch Day Extras!

Aliens are coming for us and they want our voices!

Cozy science fiction & comforting found family

Divinity 36 is finally out in the world (this one and others). It has been a long time coming Gentle Reader, I am beyond excited.

I did it! I wrote the thing and I published it. Go me! (Well, to be more precise, I wrote another 3 things.*)

Divinity 36 is the start of a new series and it is tons of fun and I love it. You should read it!

You can get Divinity 36 RIGHT NOW from:

Gail Directly

Kobo – Amazon – B&N – Apple

Bookshop.org | Lots of Other Places

If you preordered from me directly, you should have already received an email link to the updated book. Maybe even a few days ago since if you ordered direct from me you always get it first. If you created a Gumroad account you can find the updated version in your Gumroad Library.

Audiobook is in the works, right now the plan is to record and then release all three books at the beginning of next year. The narrator I want is in high demand and I’d rather not settle so please be patient?

List of supportive indies here.

Divinity 36 tropes image

This book (and its series) is particularly dear to my heart because it is the one that got me writing again after a long slump. It was so much fun to scribble and Phex is such an endearing character that I hope it will be equally fun to read. (But oh do I also love Missit. OMG wait until you get to know Kagee and Berril and Jinyesun, gah! So many sweeties.)

This series is about finding your place and finding your people in the universe, understanding across cultures and stars. It’s also about the power of art and those who wield it, as well as the nature of talent, fandom, obsession, creative passion, and fame. I hope that you find friends in these characters and comfort in these pages.

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Yours truly being a total dork with the new book

5 Facts about this series: 

  1. 3 books, all of them already written and coming in quick succession before the end of 2023
  2. Technically YA but more new adult and certainly complex and interesting and fun for adults too!
  3. Lower heat but still has an adorable romance thread (and I’ll be releasing some special sexitimes scenes along with Book 2 via the Chirrup)
  4. All about found family and learning how to love and care for people (aliens are people too!)
  5. A big very squishy hug of a series full of tiny sweet adorable minor hugs (huglets?)

Pithy Pitch?

Becky Chambers meets The Voice.

The second book in the series is called Demigod 12, it is already up for preorder. Right now it is digital only but print is coming. It will release August 1, 2023. Read all about it and more here.

D36 Blog Header Out Now

5 Foods Divinity 36 will make you crave

Readers always ask me what food they should have on standby because my books tend to make people hungry.

Here’s some suggestions:

  1. Noodles (specifically Japanese or Korean, but your favorite noodle dish will do)
  2. Bubble tea
  3. Green tea or matcha or any kind of beverage that is served warm and green in color
  4. Black coffee (if you like strong black coffee there is a drink called corrosive dark in this series that will remind you of it)
  5. Stews that require ladles (okay this is kinda a teaser for the next book – but ladles are a THING)

Noodles, again. I continue my tradition of

Noooooodles Innnn Spaaaceeee

Just think about it. Me + absence of gravity = noodles the most amusing food, obviously. Plus, I love noodles, therefore my scifi world would 10/10 take them into space!

Also, I demand you tell me if this book made you crave anything else. I NEED to know this.

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Please tell a friend? Write a review?

If you like the book and think of one of your friends who might also, please tell them? People find new books through word of mouth first, so yeah, help spread the Divinity through song? (To be fair, no one wants me singing, but you get my point.)

Also reviews really are glorious things. Reviews not only make me feel good (better than tea, seriously!), they help the book succeed by telling all those trixie recommendation algorithms that people like it and are enjoying it. (Algorithms = modern day imps? I think so.) Anywhere you want to post a review is great! And it doesn’t have to be a long review at all, a sentence or two will do! (Also if you write it… why not post it to multiple places?) Most vendors like Amazon allow you to leave reviews and also Goodreads and BookBub.

Speaking of reviews, Divinity 36 got its first one!

“I’ve read plenty of great books recently, but somehow – even though they may be awesome reads in the moment – they tend to blend together in my mind after a while. Not so Divinity 36. Because I’ve never read quite anything like it. ”

~ Reflections Of a Swede

They were careful not to include and spoilers, so you’re fine to read it if you want.

Gail and all her books at University Bookstore in Seattle

Gail at University Books showing off all the signed editions! 

Indie Bookstores Show Gail Love

  • University Books (Seattle) – has pretty much ALL of my books signed, even the indie stuff, right now because I was recently there in person. They should also be able to get you Divinity 36, but, sadly it will NOT be signed. But if you want a BUNCH of my books, they’re a good option and have bulk shipping deals AND ship international.
  • Third Place Books (Seattle) – was first to reply to me excited about a new book, so of course I consider them beyond charming, they have it online to order
  • Queen Anne Book Company (Seattle) – this store is ADORABLE and well worth a visit, they’re tiny but will try to have some in stock and you can order through them
  • Powells (Portland) – the Beaverton store intends to stock some on shelves and D36 is listed online, they’ve always been big supporters of me (and SF/F) from the start of my career
  • Bookshop West Portal (San Francisco) – will try to get a few for their shelves but you can also call the shop, they are lovely and happy to ship: 415-564-8080
  • Bookshop Santa Cruz – has a good selection of Gail stuff includes Divinity 36.
  • Tattered Cover (Denver) – is excited and wanted ARCs (so someone on staff is a fan) and they have D36 listed online
  • Mysterious Galaxy (San Diego) – also got excited and asked for ARCs. They may have a few Divinity 36 on shelves I think calling to find out is best.
  • Writers Block Bookstore (Winter Park, FL)
  • Books Inc (San Franciso Bay Area)
  • Copperfield’s (Northern California)
  • Hicklebee’s (San Jose)

The Barnes & Noble Northgate (Seattle) also currently has the largest collection of my signed books ever assembled. If you want a signed trade paperback of any of my trad stuff, they probably have it. In store staff knows what’s what so I would just call them: (206) 417-2967




Currently, I am not set up to sell signed editions directly myself. I am trying to figure out how to do that for you. I may put up some bookplates for newsletter subscribers. I try to do at least that when I have new book out.

And finally!

Here’s the Live Launch Party with Yours Truly!

Divinity 36: DVD Extras!

Yours (cracking the bubbly in celebration),

Miss Gail 


Divinity 36: Tinkered Starsong Book 1

Divinity 36 Out Now


Direct from Gail

The aliens are coming for us and they want our voices.

New York Times bestselling author Gail Carriger brings you a gloriously warm and unique scifi about the power of art, celebrity, and found family.

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Speaking of noodles… These are my current favorite instant noodles. I order them so regularly I’m embarrassed.

Writerly Tincture 

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Book Nibble 

* What number book is this, Miss Gail?

  • If you count books published, original content (no reprints or translations or short stories) then it is: Book #22.
  • If you count all original content published stuff then it is #33.
  • If you count books written then it is Book #27.5.

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