10 Best Bits of Demigod 12 Research: Human Reproduction Ratios & the Dark Side of Fame

Unlike its predecessor (Divinity 36) which is loosely based on the idea of a survival show entertainment competition, Demigod 12 (the second book) covers the touring side of the performance equation.

What happens to Phex and his pantheon of alien performers when they go out into the stars to perform on distant planets? How to they stay safe when everyone wants a piece of them, sometimes literally? Also, what does the perfectly shaped soup ladle have to do with any of this?

So what kind of research does this Authorbeast have to do for this kind of book?

More than you think, actually.

10 Most Interesting Things Researched for Demigod 12

  1. Male to female reproduction ratios in humans, in the past, high status individuals, and in bird breeding (chicken, duck, goose) – believe me it jives with this book
  2. I talk about band of brothers as a trope (as well as found family – sports teams, military, capers, rockstars), group art euphoria as a religious experience, and more with Dan & Kitty of the Everyday Novelist on this episode: Nanogang Bangs On: Day 10 – Feedback on Sports
  3. Hidden Brain podcast: Watch Your Mouth – How language shapes our perspective on life.
  4. This Unwoman interview (YouTube) talks music, mixing, solo production, and more. Unwoman is a friend from the Steampunk world whose cello (Stephanie) and I have shared a room on multiple occasions as, indeed have Unwoman and I (due to one very memorable travel whammy).
  5. All In The Mind podcast: The dark side of fame and what it does to the brain
  6. Dunbar’s Number and the cognitive capacity for intimacy in relationships.
  7. Human genetic code (as opposed to hominin and alien) – my aliens are genetically different enough from humans because of somaform (planetfall human genome terraformed to adapt to alternate worlds and environments) to the point that they are no longer procreativity compatible with homo sapiens and considered a different species.
  8. Are you “fan” enough? The role of identity in media fandoms
  9. Toxic fandom and threats to identity (possessiveness, entitlement, and a feeling of superiority)
  10. Celebrities murdered by their own fans and how those demographics compare to Sasaeng Fans

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More DVD extras for this book?

I hope you enjoyed this peek behind the curtain!


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