Pretty Pictures of Some Recent Tea & Tea Party Extravaganzas

Hello my darling gentle reader (and sipper), today I just have some lovely pretties for you from my recent travels and expeditions into the wilds of foreign lands and exotic teas.


Clarion Steampunk Tea Party was full of pretty nibbles and dishes catered by a local culinary institute.

I love the idea of little hollowed out rounds of cucumber for those who could not eat bread. (But I adore cucumber.)

Here’s a bit of me talking about foods and such at one of my book launch themed teas.

How to Throw a Book Launch Tea Party

Deep Blue Abyss Tea Divinity 36 Quote Gail Carriger Side butterfly

Deep Blue Abyss, my tea, the back side of the tin. So cute!!! This photo taken in my office which is soon to be no more. Don’t worry the tea, the teacup and the bedding is all coming with me when I leave.

In which Miss Gail Invents a Tea! Deep Blue Abyss AKA Space Oolong

(You can find out more about why I’m moving etc… in the Chirrup.)

Silly me spying on yummy tiny pastry in Thailand.

Gail the tiny dessert shark!

This was taken at Icon Siam in Bangkok and my favorite one was the one with the swirl of fruit (mango) on it. That one also had almond paste. It was a lovely combo.

More about all the food in my trip to Thailand here.

10 Best Thai Food Dishes You (Probably) Don’t Know About

Speaking of Thailand and tiny desserts, my publisher knows me well!

She gifted me with this one when I stopped by.

My reputation precedes me, I see. How lucky am I?

Here is a less tiny one.

This was yuzu flavored and yes we also tried the clear pie pictured just behind it. That was a wild experience, but not super exciting in flavor. The yuzu, on the other hand, was lovely. I do love yuzu.

More recently I participated in a tea party in a mausoleum (a first for me!)

2024 05.04 Tea Party Cemetery food

It was a lovely experience, if a bit cold.

Meanwhile, back from my travels, here’s one final tea at the office with some of my writer friends.

Office Tea Octopuse Pastry Tartlets

Savory pastry and passion fruit (my favorite) tartlets from my favorite local pastry place.

The octopus napkins were a gift from the Mum but I don’t remember where the plate came from.

Office teacups orange yellow egyptian deco flower demi tasse

Some of my demi tasse teacups in the office. They will be moving to the new house, and will stay in the same cabinet. I think I need to get some risers though, because I want to display MORE of them. This is the “orange” themed section.

I display all my tiny tea cups by color family because that is also how I pull them for taking pictures with book covers.

More like this? Here’s my epic tea post:

30+ Best Tea, Teapots, Teakettles & More: The Epic Tea Post from Gail Carriger

Yours (destined to drown in tea),

Miss Gail 


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* D6 shelf of achievement center all

One last shot of the Shelf of Achievement as it currently appears in my office. It will exist in a new form back in the apartment, destined to appear behind me in future lives and on zoom calls.

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