5 Ways to Stay In Touch With Gail That Aren’t Facebook or Twitter

You probably already know that this particular Gail is all over the place on social media. I’ve noticed recently, Gentle Reader, that some are justifiably changing your online socialization (for your own survival and mental wellbeing). I just wanted to let you know, if you are contemplating a jump away from (cough cough) Twitter or […]

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The Omega Objection OUT NOW!

My last release of 2018 and the second book in the San Andreas Shifter series is now out in the world! Very exciting. I’m really happy with this one. It’s super sweet and romantic and as is common with my San Andreas books way more sexy, more dirty, and a (tiny bit) more dark than […]

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10 Scariest Things Gail Carriger Can Think Of

Happy Halloween, Gentle Reader, here are the 10 scariest things I can think of… The world has run out of avocados. 80% humidity. We’re out of tea. The cat is missing. You can not eat the cheese. Word crashed again, did not save a week of work. You can no longer read. They’ve decided to […]

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10 Things Only Gail Carriger Readers Understand (Special Extras)

Just for fun, Gentle Reader… 10 Things Only Gail Carriger Readers Understand The octopuses are behind EVERYTHING. When in doubt, throw your food. The best accessories are also weapons. Parasol = adventure. It’s quite likely that your friend is queer. Actually, it’s practically guaranteed. You might also be queer. Heck, everyone is queer! Weeeeeeeee. Tea […]

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