The Great Parasolverse Read Along ~ How to Marry a Werewolf Special Extras (Claw & Courtship)

The Great Parasolverse read along CONCLUDES at last with How to Marry a Werewolf (In 10 Easy Steps), the first book in my newest novella Claw & Courtship line. This story returns me to my Soulless roots, with a heterosexual couple one of whom is a werewolf. It features, however, my first American female main […]

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Dressing Percy & Quesnel for the Custard Protocol Books ~ Victorian Fashion for Men 1890s (Special Extra)

With Reticence coming out soon, and it being Percy’s book, I thought I might do a bit on men’s fashion for a change, Fashionable Reader. Here’s a quote from Reticence on the subject of Percy’s appearance… “The others looked interested, surprised, and resigned according to their natures. Except Percy, who looked like none of those […]

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Dressing Primrose From the Corset Up: For Balls, Sports, and the Bedroom by Gail Carriger (Custard Protocol Special Extras)

So, Fashionable Reader, I have concocted a pictorial guide to possible outfits that a young lady of Prim’s rank might wear during this time period. The images run with what she would need to put on, in order. Ready? Here we go… On the bottom half: 1. 1890  The Metropolitan Museum of Art 2. 1890s Stockings […]

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Reticence: Two Covers, Pick Your Favorite? (Custard Protocol Behind the Magic)

Reticence and Competence each have two difference overs, Gentle Reader. TWO! 2! TwwwOOOOOOoooooooooo. Reticence Covers Which one? Print Editions? You can call or visit your favorite local bookstore! Ask them to “Order it from Ingram.“ Borderlands offers signed editions of the USA Hardcover. They will ship worldwide. Use the SIGNED button under the book’s image on […]

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A Very Personal Interview ~ Gail’s Out Front Pride (Q&A)

Bit of something different for you today, Gentle Reader. I recently did an interview for Denver’s OutFront Magazine, the Comic Issue (print, not online) when I was in town for Denver’s Pop Culture Con. I figure the super nosy amongst you might want a peek into this part of my life, and since it’s out […]

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Romancing the Werewolf Special Extras (Supernatural Society)

The Great Parasolverse read along continues with Romancing the Werewolf, the third novella I wrote and my first gay romance. Romancing the Werewolf released in November of 2017 Here are some fun blog posts and resources that tie to Biffy & Lyall, reunion romances, not to mention writing the most requested story for the most popular […]

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