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The 5th Gender

A Tinkered Stars Mystery in Tinkered Stars Universe

A species that has no word for murder has a murderer aboard their spaceship.

New York Times bestselling romantic comedy author Gail Carriger (writing as G.L. Carriger) brings you a cozy sci-fi mystery featuring an adorable lavender alien with noodly hair and his human crush.


Tristol lives in exile. But he’s built a life for himself aboard a massive space station. He’s even begun to understand the complex nuances of human courting rituals. Detective Hastion is finally flirting back!


Except that Tristol’s beloved adopted home is unexpectedly contacted by the galoi – a xenophobic species with five genders, purple skin, and serious attitude. They need the help of a detective because there’s a murderer aboard their spaceship. Murder is so rare, the galoi don’t even have a word for it. Tristol knows this because he is galoi.


Which means that he and Detective Hastion are on the case… together.

“This is a fun, funny, sexy book, and I’m so happy it exists. It hits you in the feels, makes you laugh and cry, and makes you think about matters of family, kin, and the heart.” ~ Bookriot

Delicate Sensibilities?

Contains men who love other men in graphic detail, regardless of gender, biology, or skin color… and lots of emotively sexy tentacle hair. May be too fluffy for fragile hearts.

Want more adorable gay boys with clever tongues (yep, that way too)? Try the San Andreas Shifters series.

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Narrated by: Michael Lesley

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The 5th Gender was a #1 Amazon New Release in LGBT Science Fiction.

It was a Goodreads best of 2019 members choice award winner in M/M Romance.

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Praise for The 5th Gender

“By far the greatest strength in the characterization of this story is the writer’s ability to normalize exo-cultural characters and allow us to look through their eyes. Drey serves as our access character, expressing our own confusion and occasional discomfort with his partner’s culture. But as he learns to love Tris, we learn to see the universe through new eyes. And that is the greatest power of a story.”

Aces High Jokers Wild

“The 5th Gender delivers in so many ways: it’s sweet, it’s romantic, it’s funny, and most importantly, it tells a very impactful and very timely story.”

Rally the Readers

“This is a fun, funny, sexy book, and I’m so happy it exists. It hits you in the feels, makes you laugh and cry, and makes you think about matters of family, kin, and the heart.”


“By showing that freedom that humanity has embraced (though humans certainly still have hang-ups about sex, according to other species), and contrasting it with the rigidity of galoi society, Carriger reminds readers of how far modern humanity has to go in accepting a normal beyond cis-heterosexual. But, even for the galoi, she offers a hair of hope at the end, and a reminder that the power to change and become lies in the stories we tell each other. Even stories about adorable lavender aliens and their human crushes.”

Joli Abbott for Den of Geek

“This was smart and complex, contemplating human and alien nature as Carriger creates a fascinating species with their own complicated problems and foibles. Such contrasting dynamics always bring an interesting perspective in seeing ourselves from another point of view and to be more accepting and opening minded about others’ choices and beliefs.”

Boy Meets Boy 

“The 5th Gender is a really engaging story that combines humor, romance, and a little bit of mystery.”

Joyfully Jay

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