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Branding for Authors Seminar

All Day Seminar

Brand Management, Social Media & Analytics for Authors 

In this comprehensive 200 level seminar Gail Carriger covers:

  • How to build an author brand cultivate reader loyalty and why you want to.
  • How to cultivate fans of HOW you write, rather than WHAT you write, and why.
  • How to choose and engage on a range of social media platforms (includes demographic data & use case examples).
  • Why authors should select one platform over another.
  • How to understand the analytics of each platform to better guide online time management.

Seminar includes a platform-by-platform break down with extensive tips & tricks targeted at fiction authors, extensive Q&A concerning each segment of the lecture, and three case study examples highlighting how to apply her advice.

Miss Carriger is an experienced teacher and not afraid to make a fool of herself. For rates and to book her for a seminar please drop us a calling card.

Gail uses Keynote on a laptop for her presentations. She’ll need facilities with projection screen and the appropriate cables for a Macbook Air laptop with video port. She travels with as many adapters as possible, but she can’t cover them all.

This lecture takes 4 hours (with no breaks and no Q&A) and covers everything about branding, social media platforms, and data analysis.

It is not intended for unpublished writers, non-fiction authors, or fan-facing conventions.

If you’re a beginning writer, here’s some good starter articles on author branding: