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“The only newsletter that makes me smile!”
~ Joyce on Goodreads

“The Chirrup is an unparalleled delight that eclipses the short and rather stagnant posts found on most other author’s social media platforms. Also tea.”
~ Elizabeth on FB

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The Chirrup

Want new release exclusives, sneak peeks, gossip, and special goodies from Miss Gail?

Join the Chirrup!

The Chirrup is Miss Gail’s newsletter, it goes out once a month (or so) and is chock full of tea spilling (the good kind), and tasty nibbles and nuggets.

Just for signing up here’s some of the things you get:

  • Discounts, sales, free shorts, and exclusive access to stories that aren’t available anywhere (or to anyone) else.
  • Audiobook codes on various platforms, direct to own MP3s discounts, narrator discussion, and early samples.
  • Early bird access to limited print run special editions, fabric hard covers, and other super collectables.
  • First look at cover art, new book descriptions, preorder links, and chapter samples.
  • Insider and behinds the scenes confessions from Miss Gail about her personal life and the publishing industry (that never make it online into public forums).
  • Big ticket items like one-off goodie boxes (random number generated winners) full of vintage & steampunk items – also tea, tea cups, signed books, swag, research books, jewelry, and much more.
  • Things that are making Gail happy each month: book suggestions, TV shows, food, beverages, and other uplifting silliness that Gail highly recommends.

Marine Biology – FREE

Chirrup members get Marine Biology for free as an ebook, printable pdf, and in audio.

What’s it about? A short tale of seduction, selkies, and sushi. Alec is a werewolf with problems – he’s unexpectedly alive, he’s quite definitely gay, and he’s been ordered into a partnership with one very flirty merman.

(Once a year Gail tells Chirrup members the super secret stick-it-to-the-man gossip about how this adorable little story came to exist.)

Dear Lord Akeldama gail carriger free ebook

Dear Lord Akeldama – SPECIAL 

Chirrup members can get Gail’s fun, silly, not-a-story full length book/collection Dear Lord Akeldama & Parasolverse Ephemera for only $2.99. It features (of course) all time most popular (and probably most deadly) vampire Lord Akeldama.

What’s it about? Erm, not a lot, actually. But you know the Good Vampire – feckless & reckless. It features Lord Akeldama’s life (and death, and undeath) advice column (he gives VERY bad advice, mind you) as well as silly steampunk philosophical treatises, essays on world building, deleted scenes from the Parasol Protectorate and more!

Vixen Ecology free ebook mana lovejoy san andreas shifter GL carriger

Vixen Ecology – EXCLUSIVE

As a Chirrup member you can also get a special San Andreas Shifter short story, Vixen Ecology which is available nowhere else. This one is specifically for fans of this series featuring two popular side characters who never got their own book.

What’s it about? Fox shifter Mana has an offer from Hollywood that she can’t refuse. Her lover, the werewolf Lovejoy, is tethered to his pack and his work in the Bay Area and can’t go with her — even if she asked him too, which she hasn’t. Their affair started as a very casual thing and seems to be ending in the same way. Or is it?

Demigod 12 extra scene – FREE

Gail wrote a sex scene for Phex & Missit in the Tinkered Starsong series that would have appeared in the middle of Demigod 12, if she hadn’t cut it out.

It’s yours free if you join the Chirrup.

If you have any problems sending the file to your Kindle (or other ereading device), try to side-load the file first. If that still doesn’t work, please contact Gumroad customer support. Gail also has a step-by-step guide here.

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  • Gail does not participate in newsletter swaps.