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If you preordered Demigod 12 (digital) directly from Gail you got:

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  • A special high heat version with added sex scene in Chapter 10

When the book officially launched you received a new email from Gail (via Gumroad) letting you know to update to the full story.

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Demigod 12

Tinkered Starsong Book 2 in Tinkered Stars Universe

Puts the opera back in space opera and the star back in superstar.

New York Times bestselling author Gail Carriger continues her cozy and engaging scifi about the power of art, celebrity, and found family. The second in a completed trilogy.

Phex and his pantheon have become demigods and are taking their show on a galaxy-wide tour. Phex is shockingly good at singing but his voice is intoxicating and one wrong note can kill so everyone wants a piece of him – sometimes literally. But the aliens in charge of the divinity are hiding something even more sinister and it’s hurting performers and audiences alike.

When his lover is pitted against his pantheon, Phex will have to choose between the family he has found and the god he adores.

Let’s take this show on the road — where the show is divine and the road is through the stars. Be careful, the moment you start listening you may never want to stop, and you just might kill to keep the music alive.

Murderbot meets Eurovision in the second of the Tinkered Starsong trilogy (follows Divinity 36) in which the mystery of the Dyesi is finally uncovered.

Currently because Amazon is on crack, the print edition preorder is here.

SPECIAL EXTRA! For this middle book, direct purchase COMES WITH a special high heat version! This flaming version has an extra sex scene in Chapter 10.

The scene on its own is offered for FREE to Chirrup members.

This trilogy is complete.

Praise for Demigod 12

“This read is just as alien and exotic in its world-building as the first book, making that feeling of space Sci-fi so much more real. I'd say that's the book's biggest strength, that foreign atmosphere with all those different species and cultures, while weaving it together with Phex's impressions and his very human but overly practical way of viewing the world.”

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