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Gail’s Short Presentations


Miss Carriger is an experienced teacher – articulate, insightful, and not afraid to make a fool of herself. To ask about rates & booking please drop us a calling card. Her perspective is as a bestselling full time six-figure hybrid author. This means she has successfully worked with traditional publishers (big 5 & small press) and self published as well has dealing with adaptations (film, graphic), translations, and more.


Heroine’s Journey Overview

Gail offer a deck-style presentation version of her longer seminar on this subject. This is, however, very much like Cliff’s notes. It covers briefly what the heroine’s journey is, how it works, one source myth, one pop-culture example, and then how it can be activated

Level: Beginner

Gothic Roots of Genre Fiction

Did you know most genre fiction was born out of the Gothic literary movement? Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery and Romance novels all borrow tropes and archetypes from the Gothics. Gail discusses what it means to “write Gothic” and how to manipulate the roots of genre to manage reader expectations when writing for the commercial genre fiction market.

Level: Beginner

Peopling Fiction with Comedy 

Deck-style presentation on bringing character depth, narrative pace, and social subversion to fiction using comedy. NYT bestseller Gail Carriger addresses how authors can analyze and source humor, the many different ways to inject funny into fiction, and why you might want to do so. 


Level: Beginner


(Gail is willing to offer a combination of the following beginner & intermediate short presentations as one long 5-6 hr seminar.)

Things I Wish I’d Known BEFORE Selling My First Book 

Successful hybrid author Gail Carriger covers concepts and terms that established authors and book industry professionals use all the time, but that you might not actually completely understand. She reviews current industry standards and expectations of authors. She will help you determine which path is best for your book and career: traditional publishing, self publishing, or a hybrid of the two. She’ll cover the 4 things she believes EVERY author should have set up online BEFORE their first book launches into the world.

Level: Beginner

Branding Basics for Fiction Authors

What does it mean to be a brand as an author? How is that different from simply writing and publishing a book? Why is it important to know about branding ahead of time? How do you figure out your brand and why should you? What are some best practices for authors coping with this complex identity and online world? Gail will discuss exactly how to build an author brand that encourages reader loyalty.

Level: Beginner-Intermediate 

Social Media for Fiction Authors

What are some requirements for success online as an author brand? Which platform is best for you and your book? How do you choose which platform works for you? How can authors successfully generate and reuse content? Gail will explain how to use social media to drive traffic and maximize organic reach, by setting things up in such a way that if success strikes you are prepared to take full advantage of it.

Level: Beginner-Intermediate 

How to Give Good Newsletter 

Gail Carriger discusses how to find and hold onto an audience of loyal readers with a monthly newsletter. Gail’s popular Chirrup has 14k+ subscribers with an open rate of 55-65% and click throughs of 15-20%. What does that mean and why is that very good for an author? Find out that and more in this presentation on how to encourage sign ups organically and produce a newsletter that keeps readers happy and coming back for more – so you don’t loose eyeballs between books.

Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Blogging for Fiction Authors

Why should a fiction author have a blog at all, is it useful if you don’t write nonfiction? What are some issues and concerns around blogging that are unique to fiction writers? Tips and tricks for creating a useful, brand expanding, informative blog for your fans and readers. Data around blog retention, SEO, and effectiveness in actually selling books.

Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Uploading, Keyword & Meta Data Tips & Tricks for Self Publishing 

Want good organic reach without having to constantly focus on advertising? This lecture is designed for self published, hybrid, and indie authors who are wide. It specifically focuses on all the things you can do around uploading your book to reach the right audience without having to pay to play. Gail dives into the nitty gritty of using description, category hacks, strategic keywords, and your own reviews to make certain you reach the largest and best audience in your genre with search terms alone. This lecture is only helpful to authors who already have experience self publishing and have at least three books uploaded to Amazon/wide.

Level: Advanced


Gail uses Keynote on a MacPro (2020 M1) laptop for her lecture presentations. She’ll need facilities with projection and the appropriate cables. For Q&A sessions she also likes a whiteboard if possible.

One of her most successful writer’s conference offerings is always “pick a successful hybrid author’s brain.” Attendees love being granted access to ask questions they need help with and Gail loves answering them. This is run as a Q&A session.

“My cat must be very well educated – considering how many times I’ve practiced presentations on her. Then again, she always falls asleep in class.”

~ Gail Carriger

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