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Gail’s Short Presentations


The Gothic Roots of Genre Fiction

Did you know most genre fiction was born out of the Gothic literary movement? Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery and Romance novels all borrow tropes and archetypes from the Gothics.

Miss Carriger lectures on what it means to be Gothic and how to manipulate the roots of genre to manage reader expectations when writing genre fiction.

Keynote presentation. Workshop exercises optional. There is also a steampunk focused version. 

Peopling Fiction with Comedy 

Presentation on bringing character depth, narrative pace, and social subversion to fiction using comedy. Miss Gail addresses how authors can analyze and source humor, the many different ways to inject funny into fiction, and why you might wish to. 

Keynote presentation. Workshop exercises optional. 


Miss Carriger is an experienced teacher and not afraid to make a fool of herself. To ask about her rates please drop us a calling card.

For craft presentations, Gail requests a movable microphone (for larger groups), whiteboard with pen, or the equivalent for her writing-craft lectures. She also would like an hour preparation time before the lecture begins (in other words, please don’t schedule her on a panel right before a presentation).

Gail uses Keynote on a Mac laptop for her author business presentations. She’ll need facilities with projection screen and the appropriate cables for a Macbook Air laptop with video port. She travels with as many adapters as possible, but she can’t cover them all. A backup tested Mac with Keynote that works with your projector system and flash drive is appreciated.

“My cat must be very well educated – considering how many times I’ve practiced presentations on her. Then again, she always falls asleep in class.”

~ Gail Carriger

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