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If you have questions about or issues with any of my books, I can be reached via the calling card feature on this website, it basically sends me an email. Please note, the retailers that carry my books have their own systems in place for handling customer issues. Here is how to request a digital book from your local library. Contact information for the major retailers is included below for your convenience.

For help with buying directly from Gail, please contact Gumroad Customer Service.
Gumroad, Inc.
548 Market St
San Francisco, CA 94104-5401
United States
(650) 742-3913
[email protected]

For help with Amazon.com purchases, please contact Amazon Customer Service.
Amazon Corporate Headquarters
410 Terry Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109
United States
(888) 280-4331
[email protected]

For help with Barnes & Noble purchases, please contact Barnes & Noble Customer Service.
Barnes & Noble Corporate Office Headquarters
122 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10011
United States
(800) 843-2665
[email protected]

For help with Apple Books purchases, please contact Apple Support.
Apple Corporate Headquarters
One Apple Park Way
Cupertino, CA 95014
United States
(408) 996–1010
[email protected]

For help with Kobo purchases, please contact Kobo Customer Support.
Rakuten Kobo Head Office
135 Liberty Street Suite 101
Toronto, ON M6K 1A7
(800) 368-5390
[email protected]

For help with Bookshop.org purchases, please contact Bookshop.org support.
[email protected]
As a UK based company they are not required to publicly post a physical address or telephone number.
You can message them directly via their Twitter or Facebook accounts.


Nothing Gail says on her website or blog is intended as dictatorial advice. Gail writes comedy and parody both in her books and on social media, use your common sense while relating to her words. No statements made by Gail are intended as promises or guarantees, the creative process is slow and easily derailed, sadly, even Gail cannot always be timely. All guest posts and content are curated and edited by Gail, but any promises incurred within are the responsibility of the author of the original post. Comments are moderated, be advised that if comment is inflammatory or rude Gail will delete the comment and ban or block user profiles. Imagine Mademoiselle Geraldine is watching over your shoulder as you type.


Some of the links that Gail provides are often affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, she may (or may not) earn a referral commission if you decide to make a purchase via that link. This does not affect the price you pay, but if you would prefer to bypass my affiliate links please access your desired retailer website directly instead of using the links found here. Please understand that Gail will never recommend something she does not enjoy, covet, or like. She advocates for things because she loves them and not because of the tiny commission she may make. All Gail Carriger brand merchandize is handled by third party on-demand services and condition of product and promptness of shipping is dependent upon quality controls of said third party. Gail does her best to ensure products are up to her exacting standards but she does not make each item herself and therefore is not directly responsible for execution. This site uses cookies, like Google Analytics, to keep track of general analytic data not associated with individuals.

Privacy Policy

Gail will not voluntarily share information on her readers with anyone. Gail is in compliance with GDPR. Members of the EU have been deleted from all beta reader inquiry survey data collected prior to 2018. Be advised that Gail cannot control Google, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, or any other major company with whom she must operate given the current state of the interneting universe. Gail will try as hard as she can to prevent large corporations from accessing any information that she has: both for her sake and for yours. However, she is one very small fish and there are large aggressive sharks out there. Survey data collected prior to 2018 was used only to approach beta readers and street team members, never for marketing purposes or similar, and has been deleted. Gail’s newsletter, the Chirrup, has a double opt in. Giveaways and the free ebook are for Chirrup members only. You can buy what Gail offers without joining the newsletter via Gumroad. Your information will only be used to send you Gail’s Chirrup, it will never be shared with other authors or marketers. Gail’s newsletter handler is MailerLite.
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