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Cover Awards, Interview & New Release Date for Blameless

All sorts of excitement afoot, Gentle Reader. My cover designer informed me over the weekend that Soulless won a NY Book Show best of 2009 cover award As did Nichole Peeler. Go Orbit, go, rah rah rah! I so happy for Lauren, she is amazing. You can read all about how my cover came into […]

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7 Best Things Said About Soulless So Far

Because I was asked to do this recently for an interview, I present you, Gentle Reader, with a moment of shameless self-promotion. Gail’s pick for the 7 best things said (publicly) so far about Soulless. 1. “Laugh out loud funny and refreshingly different, Soulless kept me turning pages well into the night.” ~ Angie Fox […]

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