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Tea Dueling, Books That Make Me Cry & The Next Novella (Video)

Hello my darling Gentle Reader, here’s my latest video Q&A for your amusement! Links to Fun Stuff Mentioned in the Video Competence UK & Competence USA Why are there 2 different covers? (Gail also addresses whether Reticence will also have 2 covers.) How to Marry a Werewolf Audiobook is now available! Audible & Amazon Audio & iTunes! Chirrup! Full […]

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How Many Books Can Gail Carriger Read in One Day?

Every April (when I’m not travelling for an event) I try to participate in Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon. It falls in the same vicinity as my birthday and it is, so far as I’m concerned, the ideal way to celebrate. (Nope, I’m not telling you my birth date. The internet is wrong. I put a concerted […]

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Forgotten Beasts of Eld, Gail’s Desert Island Read

A little while I go I was immeasurably honored to be asked to write the foreword for the recent re-release of Patricia McKillip’s remarkable Forgotten Beasts of Eld. This is one of my favorite books of all time. The re-release is now available, and because it is also finally in ebook form (also in audio), I’ve […]

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Gail Carriger Reviews Crown Duel by Sherwood Smith

Hello Gentle Reader! Notice I have NAMED the book group? Henceforth we shall be known as “Coop de Book” kind of a play on Carriger Pigeons. Anycoo… (See what I did there, huh huh? So this last month I chose Crown Duel by Sherwood Smith which is actually an omnibus of two shorter works. I, […]

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Book Addiction & Book Withdrawal Syndromes AKA Book Hangover

Imagine, Gentle Reader, a young Gail, sort of Sophronia-like, with a predilection for Goth wear (but too cheerful a personality to carry it off). Imagine, her as an avid reader bonding with other readers and developing the following philosophical concepts: Book Addiction Syndrome Book Addiction is when you read a book, or a series of […]

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On the Heartbreak of an Unfinished Series

In addition to the Paradox series I read another book last month,  To Play the Lady by Naomi Lane. (I also finished More Usefully Employed by Brenda Moon, the Amelia B. Edwards biography. But that is not germain to this post.) Finishing To Play the Lady was both a euphoric experience and utterly soul crushing. […]

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Crudrat Drops, Prudence Tease, Plus 4 Book Reviews!

Hello Gentle Reader, I’m back on the grid after several days of restorative rest and relaxation. While Gail Was Away Crudrat audiobook released to backers! Hooray! I will let you know when it’s available for purchase to the general public. (Official kickstarter announcement.) What Gail Got Up To I managed to stay on top of […]

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The Book That Changed My Life from Gail Carriger

Twenty-five years ago (or thereabouts) I wandered into a bookstore, picked up newly released hard back with a redhead, a horse, and a sword on the cover and managed to persuade my rather poor parents to see to the exorbitant expense by simply refusing to let that book out of my grasp. Alanna: The First […]

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In Which Tamora Pierce Has Victorian Breakfast Consequences

Ah, Gentle Reader, I was ceased with the sudden mad desire to read Tamora Pierce on Wednesday night. Possibly because I’m trying to get in touch with my teenage self while writing this Finishing School young adult series. Well, my teenage self took over.Stupid teenage self. It was 11:30 when I picked up First Test […]

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