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Ketchup & Cheer – Random Gail Update

Hello Gentle Reader, Happy 2023, long time no type! I am shocked and honored not only by how many downloaded the all books checklist. I hope you enjoy the list and find a few bookish hugs that you didn’t know about.   I have exciting plans for 2023. I hope to write one new book […]

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Ambush or Adore Audiobook

Dearest Gentle Reader (and Listener), Ambush or Adore is already available in audio. I honestly thought it would take quite a bit longer. Like Defy or Defend, the previous book in the Delightfully Deadly line, this book is read by the amazing Emma Newman. You can listen to a sample here: Audible USA | Audible UK | Audible FR | Audible […]

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Ambush or Adore Launch Party + Future Plans (Video)

Dearest Gentle Reader, My recent live video Q&A all about Ambush or Adore plus future plans for the different series and an absolutely traumatic story in which my laptop is DESTROYED by one very guilty cup of milk. (Yes there WAS tea involved, why do you ask?) This video is ostensibly about AMBUSH OR ADORE. […]

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Ambush or Adore Research (Delightfully Deadly)

Ambush or Adore was a lot of work to write and research, Gentle Reader. But most of that research was back through my own books ~ all 4 of the Finishing School series, bits of the Parasol Protectorate, and the last book in the Custard Protocol in particular. Partly this is because this tells a […]

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DELIGHTFULLY DEADLY Omnibus from Subterranean Press!

SOLD OUT Agatha’s book, Ambush or Adore will release IN PRINT as part of a special hardcover Delightfully Deadly omnibus coming Feb 2022. (No fixed date as print operations are currently in flux.) This beautiful hardback matches the previous Soulless and the Fan Service special editions from Subterranean Press! It will include: Poison or Protect […]

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Defy or Defend Special Extras (Delightfully Deadly Series)

Dimity’s story, Gentle Reader, is here at last! Released May 3, 2020! I’m rather chuffed with it too, because Defy or Defend is particularly silly. There’s a vampire hive gone badly “to Goth” that needs tidying. Dimity plus one very tolerant (slightly twirly) knight are on the job. This one may, or may not, contain […]

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Defy or Defend Launch Video

In which I read for you from my new book, Defy or Defend. Dimity’s story, Gentle Reader, here at last! In this video I spend the first 15 minutes reading from Defy or Defend so you can hear what it sounds like in my head and then there’s a Q&A. I drop some hints about […]

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Defy or Defend Print Editions

I’m not going to sugar coat this, things are rough in publishing right now, as they are everywhere my darling Gentle Reader. Here is what is going on with print books that are traditionally published right now. However, Defy or Defend is NOT traditionally published, it’s self published (AKA POD or print on demand). So I’ve […]

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